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Latest Product Updates

yoprint twilio

Mid Year Updates

yoprint new features released

YoPrint May Updates

YoPrint 5 Years

New Plans & Pricing Structure

YoPrint Api Access V1.0

API, Ready To Serve U!

YoPrint Tags v1.2

Tag, You’re It!

Square Terminal Integration

YoPrint Customizable Job & Shipment ID, Invoice List Page Improvements, Reports Improvements, New Status Page & Bug Fixes v1.1

Customizable Job & Shipment ID, Status Page & More

YoPrint Inventory Search Performance Improvements Purchase Order Item Sorting and Bug Fixes

Inventory Search, Performance Improvements, Purchase Order Item Sorting and Bug Fixes

YoPrint Mid 2021 Updates

New Inventory Features, Redesigned Shipping & Redesigned List Page

YoPrint Email Sending Domain Change History Notification History v1.1

Email Sending Domain, Change History & Notification History

YoPrint New Email System Purchase Order Improvements More v1.0

New Email System, Purchase Order Improvements & More

YoPrint Delta Apparel Internationalization More v1.0

Delta Apparel, Internationalization & More

YoPrint Customer Message Status v1.0

Customer Message Status, Price Discount, QR Code Improvements

YoPrint Customer Default Payment Term

Payment Term, Production Control, Duplicate ID Detection & More

YoPrint Job Calendar Release

Job Calendar, Gantt Colors, Change Invoice Number & Export Pricing Matrix

YoPrint Augusta Sportswear Restore Deleted Content More

Augusta Sportswear, Restore Deleted Content & More

Calendar Release

Task Calendar, Gantt & More

April Update Round 2 v1.1

April Updates – Round 2

Purchase Order Linking 2.0

Purchase Order Linking v2.0

April Enhancements

April Enhancements

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