Who We Are?

We’re not just software builders. We're here to help you grow your print business. Let’s scale together.

How It All Started

A few years ago, we started a small t-shirt printing business. Business was good, but spreadsheets don't scale well. Pretty soon tracking and managing everything in spreadsheets became an unbearable hell of looking for the right file, the right sheet, the right cell.

None of the available software helped us — each tool more complicated, expensive, incompatible, or with user interfaces from '95. There had to be something better.

That's when we started YoPrint. We wanted to bring forth the much-needed innovations using engineering techniques staple to big tech companies. We obsessively evaluate every aspect of print shop management to create intuitive and power tools without restricting your freedom. It's not an easy feat but one that we work on relentlessly.

Meet The Team

Meet the people in front of, and behind the scenes, who work to create YoPrint and support your journey.

Anbin Muniandy

Founder, CEO & Principal Engineer

An ex-Amazon, ex-Microsoft Engineer with a passion for building world class software. Anbin founded YoPrint to bring affordable modern software to the decorated apparel and promotional product industry (mostly because he likes cool t-shirts and swags).

Jason See

Founder, COO & Principal Engineer

Jason is our in-house expert on running print businesses at scale. He’s an ex-DTG business owner, grew tired of waiting for someone to build the software he needed to help him run his DTG business. So he took matters into his own hands and founded YoPrint to give business owners like him the software he’d wished for.

Gustafian D.

The User Experience Magician

Gustafian is incredibly talented at taking incoherent drawings and word soup and transforming them into captivating user experiences, and a myriad of stunning designs. His design capabilities stretch across all mediums, and leave you slack-jawed.

Shanker Selvamurthy

The Frontend Extraordinaire

Shanker is an experienced engineer who has perfected the craft of converting complex schemas and blueprint into code with precision. He’s an expert in using a variety of coding techniques to create software that is both functional and eye-catching.

ZX Tan

Backend Alchemist

ZX excels at transforming complexities into elegant solutions. With a passion for innovation and a thirst for knowledge, ZX is actively paving the way for YoPrint to reach new heights.

Rishen Manoharan

Customer Success Enthusiast

From answering questions, doing demos, and even keeping our support articles and videos in line, Rishen always goes the extra mile to ensure you succeed. In his words, “I fight for the users!.”

Inaz Ameera

The Marketing Whiz

Online Marketing. Offline Marketing. Content Marketing. Inaz has got it covered. Great at making us look good, she’s definitely #better-than-AI.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

- Steve Jobs -

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