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YoPrint The Complete Guide to Buying Domain Names
The Complete Guide of Buying Domain Names For Your Print Shop

Can you imagine paying $31,180,000 for PrivateJet.com? The top 10 most expensive domain names sell for over 10 million USD each. Businesses that covet these domain names see the name of their website as one of their most important branding assets. They are willing to pay up for these domain names to lock them in. What…

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YoPrint SSL HTTPS What is it and why you should care v1.0
HTTPS? SSL? What is it and why you should care?

What is HTTPS and SSL? Have you ever noticed that some website URLs start with http://, while others start with “https://” with a lock sign? What does it mean? HTTP refers to the protocol or language used by your browser to communicate with a server. Typically, when you open a page, the browser will make…

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Which Software Is Better: SaaS Or On-Premise?

Using technology like software to grow your print shop can keep you ahead of the curve. When browsing through the lists of available software, you may come across terms like SaaS (software as a service) and On-Premise. Both are types of software and both can boost your business, it just depends on which one suits…

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DTG Ink Costs: Every Cent Counts!

One of the highest cost in DTG printing is ink. If you compare the cost difference between screen printing and DTG , it illustrates how expensive DTG ink can be. This is because DTG manufacturers produce their own inks for their printers due to proprietary reasons. Not only that, DTG printers are infamous for going…

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Which To Buy? Brother GTX , Epson F2100, Or Kornit Breeze?

When you are purchasing direct-to-garment printers, you may feel that all the DTG printers are identical. Aside from print speed, consumable, and support, everything should be the same, right? In reality, these DTG printers are built to target specific business models. In this guide, we will go in-depth on how the Brother GTX, Epson F2100,…

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