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What is Dye Sublimation, and Why Should You Consider It?

What is Dye Sublimation, and Why Should You Consider It?

By Calvyn / September 14, 2022

With so many printing methods available, newcomers might find themselves hard-pressed to pick one that’ll work for them. Screen printing is a tried-and-true method for outputting Pantone-matching colors onto garments, perfect for logos and minimalist designs. In contrast, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing delivers beautiful, complex designs with a wide range of bright colors. What about dye […]

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Digital Squeegee vs DTG vs Screen Printing: Which one should you choose?

Digital Squeegee vs DTG vs Screen Printing: Which One Should You Choose?

By Calvyn / August 26, 2022

Screen printing and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing are two of the industry’s most popular garment printing methods. Each method presents different advantages and disadvantages to users, but what if it were possible to combine the best of both approaches into a single system? Digital hybrid systems are slowly being introduced to the industry, combining screen printing […]

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DTG vs DTF printing: which new printing solution should your shop consider

DTG vs DTF Printing: Which New Printing Solution Should Your Shop Consider?

By Calvyn / August 14, 2022

The printing industry has seen some leaps and bounds over the years, and many innovations have been making waves – one of which is direct-to-film (DTF) printing. With its incredible versatility on various substrates, some quarters are sure that this spells the end of the popular direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method; others are not so convinced. […]

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Should You Consider DTG Printing?

Should You Consider DTG Printing?

By Calvyn / August 5, 2022

Direct-to-garment, or DTG, printing is a well-known printing technique that produces vibrant colors and complex designs on cotton substrates. Various print-on-demand services offer DTG prints to customers, and different small-scale fashion businesses use DTG prints to make custom shirts for multiple customers. While many in the industry make a case for DTG printing’s importance, especially […]

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DTF Printing is the Future: Here's Why

DTF Printing is the Future: Here’s Why

By Calvyn / July 22, 2022

Both screen and digital printing continue to form the core of the garment printing industry, especially with the introduction of hybrid printing systems that combine the best of both worlds. Even so, direct-to-film (DTF) printing has started shaking things up since its introduction sometime in 2020. Most notably, critics would go so far as to […]

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how to burn screens properly

How to Burn Screens Properly: Tips for Screen Printers

By Calvyn / June 10, 2022

Have you spent days trying and failing to burn a screen successfully? Or perhaps you are a newbie screen-printer trying to learn how to burn screens? Burning screens is an important step when it comes to screen printing. Learning to burn your screens properly is crucial to creating a high-quality print. However, it can be […]

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Your Guide to Picking Using and Maintaining Screen Printing Squeegees

Your Guide to Picking, Using, and Maintaining Screen Printing Squeegees

By Christina / June 10, 2022

Screen printing squeegees are one of the most important tools in screen printing. They are used to apply ink through a mesh or screen onto a garment or substrate, efficiently spreading it to achieve desired designs and print on fabric and some other materials. The manner of use and maintenance greatly influence your printing work […]

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Screen printing color separation software: do you really need it?

Screen Printing Color Separation Software: Do You Really Need It?

By Christina / May 27, 2022

Color separation is the process of separating the various colors within a design. In the Screen-Printing process, color separations are essential. For a T-shirt or other product to be printed properly, the colors that make up the design must first be separated. When it comes to screen printing, color separation is handled by either multi-purpose […]

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What You Need to Know Before Getting An Automatic Screen Printing Machine

What You Need to Know Before Getting an Automatic Screen Printing Machine

By Christina / May 16, 2022

Investing in an automatic screen printing machine is a big, but worthwhile investment. It is the easiest and most effective way to increase your printing capacities. Using a manual screen printer can be limiting, especially when you are bombarded with dozens of orders from your customers. You will be overwhelmed, and your productivity will be […]

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Software for screen printers (2022): what do you really need?

Software for Screen Printers (2022): What Do You Really Need?

By Christina / April 25, 2022

Starting a screen-printing business can be challenging, from printing the perfect high-quality designs to keeping up with clients’ orders, following up with shipping orders, and marketing your business. We understand how tasking it can be to incorporate the best screen printing software into your business. There are a ton of software out there that claim […]

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