ShopWorks vs YoPrint: Save Money and Time with The Right Subscription.

Why waste hundreds of dollars and your precious time managing multiple subscriptions when you can save both by choosing YoPrint? Get all the tools you need to grow your print shop with just one subscription.

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The Full Suite In One Software

Everything you need in one software
Order Management
Auto Sales Tax
Artwork Approvals
Customer Portal
Payment Collection
Multiple subscriptions needed for the full suite
Order Management
Customer Portal
Artwork Approvals
Payment Collection

All the Functions in a Modern Form

YoPrint UI
ShopWorks UI
Sales Order Detail Page
Shopworks UI
YoPrint UI
Sales Order Detail Page
ShopWorks UI
Shopworks UI

YoPrint vs ShopWorks Feature Comparison

Interested in ShopWorks? You’ll end up paying more for multiple software and spending more time managing your subscriptions. With YoPrint, you only need one subscription to supercharge your print shop.

ShopWorks Onsite YoPrint
Price Contact ShopWorks for Price
With $149/mo
Plans start from $69/mo
Order Processing
User Permissions
Multiple Shipments
Pricing Matrix
Inventory Management
QuickBooks Sync
Barcode Tracking
Product Catalogs SanMar, Alphabroder, S&S Activewear, Sage SanMar US & Canada, Alphabroder US and Canada, S&S Activewear US & Canada, Delta Apparel, Condé, Augusta Sportswear
Payments Requires ShopWorksPay Add-On
Contact ShopWorks for pricing, Paypal, Stripe, Square
Auto Sales Tax Third Party Integration
Requires Avalara Subscription starting at $50/year
Customer Portal Requires ManageOrders Add-On subscription
Start at $99/mo Syncs every 15 mins
Real-time sync
Customer Portal Requires ProofStuff Add-On subscription
Start at $75/mo
Customer Messaging Requires ManageOrders Add-On subscription
Start at $99/mo
Total Cost
$178/mo in add-ons + ShopWorks Pay + Onsite

Forget 4 Different Software. Get The One You Need: YoPrint.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Help your customers help themselves. Customer portal with real-time sync.

YoPrint Premium Customer Portal 2

A Bird's Eye View

Your customers can see their invoices, quotes, artwork approvals, and account balance - all in one comprehensive dashboard.

Streamlined Approval Process

Enjoy a speedier order and artwork approval process. Customers can green-light orders in just a few clicks. Our granular artwork approval system also allows customers to comment on and approve each mockup. 

No Organized Mess, Just Organized Messages

No more chaotic inboxes. With our portal, every message is neatly sorted by order. No more searching through a jumble of messages - for you or your customer.

Production Tools You’ll Love

Speed up production, know who’s working on what, and never miss a deadline. 

YoPrint Production Management At Any Scale

Barcoded And Fully Tracked

Barcodes are automatically included on every downloaded document. That includes sales orders, jobs, purchase orders, and shipments. Track everything on your shop floor.

Filters for Everyone

Cut through the clutter by filtering your view and focusing only on what's relevant to you. Filter by asignee, due dates, job status, department, and more.

Custom Workflows

Don’t be tied down by simplistic statuses and rudimentary tasks. Create your own presents for tasks and workflow statuses. You’re always in charge of your workflow in YoPrint.

Get Your Orders Out The Door Fast

Create orders quickly, manage them efficiently.

YoPrint Sales Order Detail Page

Automatic Tax Calculations

Throw that calculator away, YoPrint automatically calculates sales taxes for all orders, including nexus. No extra integrations or subscriptions needed.

Multi-Shipment Support

Need to ship multiple packages to multiple locations at different times? YoPrint’s got you covered. Add as many shipments as you need to one order.

Quote with Catalogs

Take advantage of our wide range of product catalogs that includes Canadian catalog support, and real-time vendor pricing, and stock availability by the warehouse.

Inventory and Purchasing

Looking for a comprehensive inventory management and purchasing solution? YoPrint has one for you.

YoPrint Purchasing Inventory Together at Last 3

Multi-Warehouse Support

Have inventory in more than one location? See them all in YoPrint. Always know where your blanks are, and even record transfers between warehouses.

Link Purchase Orders to Sales Orders

Create a single purchase order for multiple sales orders and link them together. Always know which blanks are for which jobs.

Track Incoming and Outgoing Stock

Keep tabs on your inventory flow. Get a clear picture of what you need to meet orders, what's en route, and what needs restocking. Stay on top of your inventory game with YoPrint.

250+ Happy Users

AJ Screening Profile v1.2
“The team behind YoPrint simply understands a shop’s needs. They work their tail off to make sure it is the smoothest way for an order to get through the shop.”
Mike Lindsay
Park Bench Apparel, A&J Screening
Trevor Profile v1.2
“The speed at filling out work orders is amazing now! The program automatically calculates all totals including tax. Pricing on garments is automatically pulled daily. Our customers love YoPrint too.”
Trevor Karns
Boundary Waters Screenprinting
Screent Graphics Inc
“The software has made our shop so much more efficient. I did trials on 3 different softwares and looked at many more online. YoPrint gives us the biggest bang for our buck.”
Taylor Brown
Screen Graphics Inc. In Idaho Falls, ID

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