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Customer Emails in One Place

Cut down on the load in your inbox by emailing customers directly from sales orders in YoPrint, and getting replies recorded in YoPrint’s messaging history. You won’t need to spend time searching for lost emails in your inbox ever again.

YoPrint Customer Emails in One Place

Customers Can Reply from Their Inbox

Customers can access the customer portal to reply to emails, or they can reply straight from their inbox. All replies are automatically stored in the corresponding sales order in YoPrint, so you can stay organized effortlessly.

YoPrint Customers can reply from their

Email Vendors Without Leaving YoPrint

You don’t need to open a new tab, head to your inbox, and compose an email. Purchase orders in YoPrint can be emailed to vendors with just a click of a button, and no typing needed (thank you, templates). Vendors' replies are also stored in the corresponding purchase order.

Email Vendors Without Leaving YoPrint

Use Templates, Type Less

Would you believe us if we told you that you could send emails without typing anything? Well, with YoPrint’s Dynamic Email Templates, you can. Just select the template you need and fire off personalized emails without typing the same things over and over again. It’s super fast, and super individualized customer service.

YoPrint Use Templates. Type Less v1.1

Easy Email Template Configuration

It’s easy to create email templates. Take advantage of YoPrint’s Email Placeholders to insert common fields, sales orders, and purchase orders in your email. Once you’ve previewed and saved your templates, you can add them to your quote, sales order, and purchase order workflow.

YoPrint Easy Email Template Configuration

Customizable Email Domain

Get customer communication down pat not just with timely emails, but also with a custom email sending domain. That way, your customers always know who’s emailing them, and your emails don’t hit the spam box.

YoPrint Customizable email domain

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