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Are you looking for a printavo alternative that:

Let's you use your own payment gateway

Has 99.9% uptime*

Is constantly growing with new features and updates

Gives you access to the full suite wihthout costing you an arm and a leg

Has kickass customer support

Than you're at the right place. Switch to YoPrint and start seeing the difference.

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*has 99.9% uptime for the past 90 days. See for details.

Premium Customer Portal

Give your customer an upgrade customer portal experience. Here are some reason why our customer portal makes us the superior alternative to Printavo.

YoPrint Premium Customer Portal

Comprehensive Dashboard

Let your customers see all their orders, quotes, artwork approvals, account balance - all in one place. Save your and your customers' time.

Email Communication

Your customer can view all email communications, including automated emails, neatly organized by the order and quote. Say goodbye to miscommunication.

Package Tracking

Let your customers track their packages within their customer portal. Your customers will thank you.

Superior Order Management

Create unlimited sales orders and manage them like never before with YoPrint’s powerful yet easy-to-use order management system. Here is how we outshine Printavo.

YoPrint Sales Order Detail Page

Multiple Shipment Support

Need to ship to multiple locations? Do you have to rush out the first box while working on the rest? You can track it all in YoPrint.

Better Catalog Support

YoPrint takes the guesswork out by showing you only the sizes and colors available for a vendor product. Together with our real-time price and stock check, quoting has never been more accurate.

Pricing Engine That Makes Sense

Have a complex job with multiple decorations? YoPrint’s price stacking lets you add multiple decorations to a job and automatically calculates the final price.

Collect Payments Your Way

Choose from PayPal,, Stripe, or Square. Unlike Printavo, YoPrint doesn’t handle or hold your money. Instead, you can take advantage of trusted, secure, and industry-leading payment gateways to collect customer payments. You may even be able to negotiate better rates with those providers!

Production Management At Any Scale

YoPrint’s production management system is built to support businesses of any size. Here’s how YoPrint’s production module outperforms Printavo’s.

YoPrint Production Management At Any Scale

Gantt Chart

Start scheduling like a pro with a production Gantt chart. See all your orders, jobs, and tasks in one place. Not ready for our Gantt chart? Just use our calendar to schedule. Plan your way.

Custom Workflow

Don’t be tied down by simplistic statuses and rudimentary tasks. YoPrint’s custom workflow can be customized to fit your unique production workflow.

Departmental View

Give your sales, art, shipping, purchasing, and production team their own list to manage and work through. Fine-tune the list with our powerful filters.

Purchasing & Inventory: Together at Last

Looking for a comprehensive inventory management and purchasing solution? YoPrint has one for you.

YoPrint Purchasing Inventory Together at Last v2

Bulk Purchase Orders

Create a single purchase order for multiple jobs and email it to your vendor. Check your vendor stock before placing the order.

Track Receiving

When the goods arrive, just mark the PO received, and we will automatically update your inventory for you. YoPrint even supports partial receiving.

Manual Stock Adjustments

Need to update the inventory count manually. Just do a stock take. Received items outside of a PO? Just create a stock adjustment. Manual overrides are built right into the software.

When the Alternative is Better: Printavo vs. YoPrint Feature Comparison

YoPrint is feature-filled, flexible, and effortless. Not to mention affordable. Why drop $400 a month on Printavo Premium when YoPrint gets you more for only $149? That’s $3,000 saved yearly.

YoPrint Printavo
Our highest tier Plan. Plans start from $69
Want feature parity with YoPrint? That’s $400/mo
Artwork Approval
User Permissions
Online Payments
Square, Stripe, PayPal,
Printavo Payments only
Customer Messaging
PDF Exports
Product Catalog
Messaging Template All Plans Standard and above
Custom Order Status All Plans Standard and above
QuickBooks Online Sync Standard and above
Packing Slips All Plans Standard and above
Barcode Tracking All Plans
Premium plan only
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Production File Upload All Plans
Premium plan only
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Pricing Matrix Unlimited on All Plans
Unlimited on Premium plan only
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Purchase Orders
Unlimited on Premium plan only
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Custom Domain
Unlimited on Premium plan only
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Auto Sales Tax Supports multiple nexus Does not support multiple nexus
Production Calendar
Production Gantt Chart
Inventory Management
Multiple Warehouse
Multiple Shipments
Advanced Pricing Engine
Onboarding & Training Free $3000 - $6000 (optional)

Don't Take Our Word For It

Find out why apparel decorators choose YoPrint over Printavo.

AJ Screening Profile v1.2
The team behind YoPrint simply understands a shop’s needs.  They work their tail off to make sure it is the smoothest way for an order to get through the shop. If you struggle with multiple machines and tracking it all down to make sure the order is getting done… they designed the job system to help!! Switched from Printavo and will never look back.
Mike Lindsay
Park Bench Apparel, A&J Screening
Queen City
I called [Printavo], I went through their setup, and when she pointed out to me that they had a proprietary payment system, no!  I’ve looked, and they ain't got nothing. They can’t hold a candle to what you’re doing. I’ll use YoPrint till I stop being in business.
Jeremy Boyts
Queen City Graphix

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