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Multi Tier Pricing
Multi-tier Pricing Groups
Charge the right price, to the right customer.

Every customer is different. You may charge the standard rate for one-time customers, a discounted rate for your loyal repeat customers or offer special price and services to your corporate client.

No matter how you group your customers, YoPrint's flexible Pricing Group Module can help standardize the pricing for you. Start selling more by charging the right price, every time.

Pricing Rules Engine
Automate complex pricing calculation easily

You don't need spreadsheets to price accurately. YoPrint's pricing rules engine lets you set your pricing as complex as you wish:

  • Discount when product quantity exceeds a certain amount?
  • Discount when Embroidery and Screen Printing combined in a single order?
  • Add Markup for specific T-Shirt sizes at a certain amount?
Pricing Rule

Whether you need help with speeding up your order pricing, or providing different pricing to different customers.

YoPrint's Pricing Engine will help you achieve that.

Service Quantity Pricing Matrix
Smarter Pricing for you print jobs

YoPrint's Pricing Matrix makes it easy to handle scenario such as:

  • 5 dollar for T-shirt's Front Print, and 2 dollar for the T-shirt's back print.¬†
  • Different Price at Different Quantity
  • Different Price for Primary and Secondary Print Location
Pricing Matrix
Custom Pricing
Manual Pricing Override
You can still price it however you like

Break the rules when it makes sense to you. You may want to:

  • Price match a competitor
  • Charge higher for a change
  • Charge lower due to bad weather
  • Maybe your just want to experiment

We got you covered. Do it your way.

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