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Price it Smarter

  • $5 for a t-shirt's front print and $2 for the back print.
  • $10 per t-shirt for 20 t-shirts, and $9 per t-shirt for 21 shirts.
  • $10 for one-color prints and $15 for two-color prints.

YoPrint’s Pricing Matrix lets you price your print jobs smarter. Configure pricing based on print size, location, and quantity. It’s quick and easy to price accurately for all scenarios.

YoPrint Price By Stitch Count

Price it Right

Forget about spreadsheets. Automate complex pricing calculations with YoPrint’s Pricing Rules Engine. You can set up pricing rules like adding a discount when products exceed a set quantity, adding discounts when there are multiple printing services in one order, changing the markup for products at different quantities, and so much more. YoPrint’s Pricing Engine provides the utmost flexibility and caters to all your pricing needs

YoPrint Pricing It Right with Pricing Groups

Price it at Different Tiers

Standard rates, discounted rates, wholesale rates - always charge the right price to the right customer. YoPrint lets you build Multi-Tier Pricing Groups so you can charge every customer correctly. Give discounts to loyal customers, offer special prices to corporate clients, and standardize your pricing no matter how you group your customers.

YoPrint Price it At Different Tiers

Price it However You Like

Even if you’ve got robust pricing groups and matrices set up, you can still use the Manual Pricing Override to charge your customers however you like. Whether you’d like to price match a competitor, charge higher during peak seasons, or just because you’re experimenting, pricing in YoPrint is completely up to you.

YoPrint Price It However You Like

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