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how to burn screens properly
How to Burn Screens Properly: Tips for Screen Printers

Have you spent days trying and failing to burn a screen successfully? Or perhaps you are a newbie screen-printer trying to learn how to burn screens? Burning screens is an important step when it comes to screen printing. Learning to burn your screens properly is crucial to creating a high-quality print. However, it can be…

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Screen printing color separation software: do you really need it?
Screen Printing Color Separation Software: Do You Really Need It?

Color separation is the process of separating the various colors within a design. In the Screen-Printing process, color separations are essential. For a T-shirt or other product to be printed properly, the colors that make up the design must first be separated. When it comes to screen printing, color separation is handled by either multi-purpose…

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Software for screen printers (2022): what do you really need?
Software for Screen Printers (2022): What Do You Really Need?

Starting a screen-printing business can be challenging, from printing the perfect high-quality designs to keeping up with clients’ orders, following up with shipping orders, and marketing your business. We understand how tasking it can be to incorporate the best screen printing software into your business. There are a ton of software out there that claim…

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10 management mistakes screen printing businesses make
10 Management Mistakes Screen Printing Businesses Make

Owning a screen printing business is a worthwhile venture with proper planning and preparation. You can grow your business from selling tens of printed garments to hundreds and even thousands when you incorporate the right tools and strategy.  There is potential for mistakes in the production side of screen printing. However, many screen printing business…

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YoPrint 8 Profitable Niches to Expand To In Apparel Decoration v1.0
8 Profitable Niches to Expand to in Apparel Decoration

Apparel decoration has evolved as a trade and has proved to be one of the most flourishing industries. While in some places apparel decoration is hugely recognized as a profitable business trade, it is yet to gain adequate worldwide recognition. If you’re not aware of it yet but possess the right skills to establish your…

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YoPrint 9 Common Screen Printing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
9 Common Screen Printing Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

Building a printing business is rewarding, but it can also be challenging. By avoiding the most common screen printing mistakes, you will set your print shop up for success. The Screen Printing Industry is Growing – and So Is Competition The market forecast for the screen printing industry shows significant growth. But to become part…

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