The 6 Best Printavo Alternatives for Your Print Shop

The 6 Best Printavo Alternatives for Your Print Shop

There are plenty of options to shop management software suites outside of Printavo. What are you looking for as a user? Maybe you need quick quote and invoice creation, streamlined customer communications, or an easier way to manage multiple jobs.

We’re making it easier for you to make a choice by providing a comprehensive list of some of the popular Printavo available alternatives. We made sure to note their key features and pricing plans, too!


YoPrint logo

YoPrint is an all-in-one shop management software that’s ideal for print shops of any size. Users can “get organized, grow sales, track inventory, and increase customer satisfaction.” YoPrint gives users the necessary tools to streamline their operations with ease, with offerings such as a wide array of powerful integrations and more.

You can try out YoPrint in a free 14-day trial and see what it offers for your shop. You can even ask for an extension to the trial period if you want more time to try YoPrint’s features.

The Pros

  • Customizable pricing matrices, tax groups, and more
  • Add multiple printing processes and shipments in a single order
  • Live vendor catalog from major vendors like SanMar, S&S Activewear, and Alphabroder
  • Also includes Canadian catalogs as well
  • Robust Gantt chart for scheduling orders
  • Stock management, including stock takes where needed
  • Custom-branded customer portal for order tracking and transparent approvals
  • Artwork management for placement, design, and approval
  • Direct communication with customers at any time
  • Customer support available at any time
  • Fast, secure payments via Square, Stripe, PayPal, and many more
  • Plenty of integrations available, including upcoming ones for Shopify and others
  • API access and ongoing documentation
  • Supports barcode workflow

The Cons

  • No online store creation
  • No online mockup designer

Pricing Plans

  • YoPrint Basic: USD69/month with 1 user; additional users from USD10/user/month
  • YoPrint Pro: USD149/month with 5 users; additional users from USD12/user/month


Teesom logo

Established in 2002, Teesom aims to provide users with comprehensive print shop management software that “streamline[s] business operations and maximize[s] profits.” It sports a relatively straightforward interface with quick access to the most important components a print shop owner will need to get their print shop printing.

In fact, Teesom offers all its features for those looking to see what it offers or if you only have 20 orders or fewer in a month. However, there are limitations to what you can do unless you sign up for their premium plans.

The Pros

  • Three-tier pricing system for different printing options and scenarios (i.e., rush orders)
  • Quote expiration dates to prevent the re-use of stale quotes
  • Acceptance of alternative payment channels, such as PayPal
  • Follow-up reminders to keep orders on track
  • Live product catalog from four major vendors
  • Artwork manager
  • Keep track of inventory changes and reorder stock when needed
  • Barcode scanner implementation
  • Customer portal with the ability to approve or amend order details
  • Contact customers through the app and easily keep track of conversations
  • Available support channels

The Cons

  • Accommodating more users costs extra
  • It can be a little clunky to use at times
  • Not many payment processor integrations (such as
  • No custom API support
  • Only available in the US

Pricing Plans

  • USD67/mth for a single user, up to USD625/mth for up to 30 users (more users can be negotiated with Teesom)
  • Annual plans start at USD683/yr for a single user, up to USD6,375 for up to 30 users (again, more users can be negotiated with Teesom)


Inksoft logo

Owned by the parent company that now includes Printavo, Inksoft is an online e-commerce system that is “built to sell custom merchandise.” It has various cloud-based tools to help print shop owners start an online presence and profit from it. The ability to create online stores gives customers a unique experience when placing their custom garment purchases.

Inksoft also has many different features to assist a print shop in managing all its customers and orders.

The Pros

  • The ability to create online stores to sell your custom apparel
  • Online designer with many fonts, designs, and more
  • Integrated purchasing and receiving workspace
  • Rapid Product Creator for quickly creating product mockups 
  • Creation of sales proposals to prospective customers
  • Simple customer and sales management system
  • Plenty of integrations, such as vendors like SanMar as well as Quickbooks, and more
  • Online approval and signing system for customer orders
  • Flexible pricing matrices and job management

The Cons

  • Expensive plans
  • Website builder for online stores is limited in scope
  • Some customization options are limited as well
  • Lacking payment integrations (only embedded payments and Stripe available)

Pricing Plans

  • A standard license with 5 team members goes for USD299/month
    • Only allows up to 100 online stores
    • Additional team members can be added for USD14.99/month
    • Private branding available at USD49/month
    • No Inksoft API is available
  • Inksoft Unlimited has unlimited team members and goes for USD399/month
    • Private branding available
    • Inksoft API is available, but you must contact the Inksoft team for pricing


Shopworks logo

Built with the decorative apparel industry in mind, ShopWorks is a software suite consisting of four separate products that can all integrate with one another. OnSite is the business management software that helps users manage their day-to-day printing operations, jobs to complete, and artwork management. Meanwhile, ProofStuff is their “online print proofing software” for your customers to review artwork for their orders.

Then there’s ManageOrders which allows users “to check orders, track shipments and make payments.” Lastly, ShopWorks Pay is their “credit card and ACH gateway payment solution,” which features “competitive credit card processing rates,” secure payments, and even a Credit Card Vault to store customer payment details for future transactions securely.

The Pros

  • A complete management software suite for your print shop needs
  • Plenty of integration options, including Avalara tax compliance
  • Real-time vendor pricing is available
  • Price calculators for a variety of printing needs
  • Automatic job costing system that calculates your overall profits and losses
  • Available option for proofing artwork and order details
  • Configurable control rights that control what the customer sees
  • Secure payment processing and customer information storage

The Cons

  • You need to purchase each software separately (there were no bundle options listed on the website)
  • Some integrations may require you to have an account with the integration provider (and you may also need to pay for it)
  • It can be very complex to use

Pricing Plans

  • You need to contact ShopWorks to get the pricing plan for OnSite and ShopWorks Pay
  • ProofStuff has three tiers to choose from, depending on the number of proofs you need; starts from USD75/month and goes up to USD160/month
  • ManageOrders has four tiers depending on the number of OnSite users you may have; starts from USD99/month and goes up to USD399/month (bundle offers available)


shopVOX logo

shopVOX prides itself on getting your print shop business started “in less than 1 hour” with its plethora of tools for managing orders, customers, inventory, and more. It seeks to provide users with an easy-to-use interface that makes getting orders placed, managed, and completed on time easy. shopVOX also promises “professional support from industry experts” for users who need help using the software.

The Pros

  • Minimalist interface design
  • Day one setup process for quickly starting up a print shop
  • Various quoting options for many types of decorative printing (e.g., screen printing, DTF, etc.)
  • Online proof approval system for artwork
  • Major vendor integrations, including SanMar and S&S Activewear
  • Plenty of integrations, including Xero, Quickbooks, Square, Zapier, and more
  • Drag-and-drop status updates
  • Direct communication with clients

The Cons

  • Some feature limitations, such as custom PDFs only being printable by shopVOX and at a cost (~USD150/document)
  • No scheduling feature
  • Initial setup takes a lot longer than advertised
  • Not much in the way of customization options

Pricing Plans

  • shopVOX Express: USD99/month + $19/user/month; does not have all features, such as advanced integrations, custom templates, and premium support
  • shopVOX PRO: USD199/month + USD29/user/month; “onboarding packages” available from USD499; comes with all features, including new add-ons like e-commerce


DecoNetwork logo

DecoNetwork is a management system that aims to “simplify workflows” and help a print shop “make more sales” with its dedicated solutions for any kind of decorative apparel business. It offers a “seamless” one-stop platform for customers to design custom garments and immediately make payments.

The Pros

  • Availability of online stores
  • Unlimited quotes and orders
  • Online designer tool for custom merchandise
  • Automated notifications for all orders
  • Automated pricing that includes materials, labor, shipping, and other costs
  • Various payment gateways, including, PayPal, Stripe, and SecurePay
  • Supplier integrations including Alphabroder, Gildan, Ralawise, and The Magic Touch
  • Create and send purchase orders directly to suppliers 
  • Customer order history

The Cons

  • Plans can be quite expensive compared to the competition
  • Some features are only available in the Premium and Enterprise plans
  • Some find the online designer to be clunky and is missing features
  • User interface isn’t very user friendly
  • Difficult to set up online stores

Pricing Plans

  • Standard with 3 staff accounts: USD199/month (one-time license at USD999)
  • Premium with 5 staff accounts: USD299/month (one-time license at USD1,499; promo price at USD999)
  • Enterprise with 10 staff accounts: USD399/month (one-time license at USD2,999)
    • Comes with API integrations
  • Additional staff accounts available for USD10/month/account

Why Pick YoPrint?

christian wiediger WkfDrhxDMC8 unsplash

There are plenty of options available today, but YoPrint has a significant edge over the competition with its plentiful features and competitive pricing. For one, we have a robust list of major payment processors you can choose from, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and 

We’ve also designed our system to be as user-friendly as possible; we’re happy to report that our customers are satisfied with how easy it is to use YoPrint. Even if you have difficulties, our support team is there to help you.

Our basic plan provides you with an excellent starting point to get your print shop organized and start making a profit. For only USD69 a month, you have everything you need to quickly get orders out the door. If you’re ready to go further, our Pro plan adds all the extra tools to help you succeed: customer portal creation with your own branding, real-time vendor stock and pricing, auto-tax calculations, and many more advanced features.

Sign up for your free 14-day trial today!