Payment Term, Production Control, Duplicate ID Detection & More

As June is nearing the end, we are happy to announce a new set of updates. In this round of product updates, we focus primarily on feedback and suggestions shared with us by our users.

Default Customer Payment Term

YoPrint Customer Default Payment Term 1

In addition to setting the default payment term for all your orders, you can specify the default payment term for each customer. We will automatically select the correct payment term whenever you create a new order/quote. Need to use a different payment term? Just override our selection. We believe this is going to make creating a new order faster than before.

Production Control Settings

YoPrint Production Control Settings

Our Gantt chart is quickly becoming the more popular way of scheduling. We’ve received requests to add even more flexibility to the Gantt chart, and we’ve done just that. We are introducing a new setting dialog to customize the colors as well as the text display options. We know this is just a start, and we are hoping to add even more capabilities to the production control page.

Duplicate ID Detection

Yoprint Duplicate ID Detection

A few releases back, we’ve added the ability to change the ID for Sales Orders, Quotes, and Purchase Orders. While this has afforded businesses the ability to use a different ID scheme than ours, but it doesn’t stop the businesses from accidentally using duplicate IDs. To help combat this issue, we’ve added automatic duplicate ID detection. Just start typing, and we will let you know if the ID has already been taken. Have a good reason to use a duplicate ID? Just save.

Editing a Sales Order: Shipment Constraint Removed

YoPrint Sales Order Edit Shipment Constraint v1.0

At the inception of the software, we’ve made a conscious decision not to allow editing a Sales Order if a shipment has already shipped. More and more businesses expressed that this is restrictive and have been working around by unshipping an order, performing editing, and marking the order shipped again. We’ve now removed this constraint. You are free to edit the order at any time as you see fit. No more working around the system!

Editing a Sales Order: Created By

YoPrint Created By Update

Many teams use YoPrint’s created by field to track the salesperson who took the order or the point of contact for your customer for that particular order. Either way, there was no way of reassigning this field once an order has been created. You will have to enter Sales Order edit mode, make changes, and publish the changes. Not anymore! You can now directly change the created by field without having to enter Sales Order Edit mode.

Our late June updates focused mainly on software ergonomics and bug fixes. We’ve also made a lot of small changes based on user feedback to improve the software’s overall usability. Give these features a try today, and let us know what you think!

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