Customer Message Status, Price Discount, QR Code Improvements

Hello, YoPrinters! While we are hard work on the next major features, we squeezed some time to release the following updates.

Customer Message Status

YoPrint Customer Message

YoPrint aims to reduce email clutter and centralize email communication. We previously released an update where you can view all incoming and outgoing emails in one place. We didn’t, however, provide a way to process these emails. To support this, we are adding customizable statuses to emails. No longer do you have to wonder if you have responded to this email or if you are still waiting to hear back from your customer. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Enable Customer Message Status. 

Price Discount

YoPrint Price Discount

Discounts are useful tools for customer acquisition and retention. In YoPrint, you could always add a discount to any orders but only as a percentage. There was no easy way to take $200 off an order without busting out a calculator. We are happy to announce you no longer have to do this. You can now specify your discounts and dollar amount.

QR Code Improvements

YoPrint QR Code Native App Support v1.0

We now support using the native iOS / Android QR code scanner or any QR code scanner app to scan our documents. Up until now, you can only use a USB QR code scanner, or the in-app scanner comes bundled into YoPrint. Based on feedback, we decided to expand the functionality to better match user expectations. Any new document printed from YoPrint will use the new QR code format, and any existing QR code will continue working as before.

Message Templates: New Variables

YoPrint Message Template Variables v1.0

We’ve added a few more variables to our message template: Deposit Remaining, Balance Remaining, and Packages. While our customer portal has all the information your customer needs, a small nudge via email can go a long way. You can now automatically include the remaining balance and deposit in the email. Once you have shipped an item, you can automatically add the package tracking information in the email as well.

We’re super excited to release these features today. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

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