Job Calendar, Gantt Colors, Change Invoice Number & Export Pricing Matrix

The wheels of development continue to turn at YoPrint as we bring a new round of features for June 2020! First up, Job Calendar.

Job Calendar

yoprint job calendar

Your Jobs. In a calendar. Easy! Schedule your job by dragging. Know exactly how many jobs are in the works every month and plan your work effectively. Combined with our filter system, YoPrint brings yet another powerful way to increase productivity.

Gantt – Custom Task Colors

Yoprint Gantt Task Colors

We’ve received lots of positive feedback for our last Gantt release with one major criticism: all the tasks are the same color. Many teams expressed distinguishing tasks by color will improve their productivity. You can now do exactly that by going to Configuration > Task Presets and change the Task Preset color.

Change Invoice Number

YoPrint Change Invoice Number

One of the pain points expressed by a few businesses was the inability to change the invoice number. The reasons vary from their customers’ system rejecting the invoice number for some unknown reasons to businesses wanting their Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Invoice Numbers to match. Whatever the scenario, we’ve made it possible for you to change your invoice number as you see fit.

Export Pricing Matrix

YoPrint Pricing Matrix Export CSV

While YoPrint provides an editor to create and update your pricing matrix, sometimes it’s just quicker to use Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets to do it. We’ve realized the importance of importing the pricing matrix, which is why we’ve had the CSV import from day one. Now we’ve made it even more convenient by giving you the option of exporting your current pricing matrix CSV.

Export your matrix. Add your spreadsheet magic. Import it back in YoPrint. It’s that easy!

At YoPrint, we are continuously innovating our software to provide the best experience possible. Give these new features a try and let us know what you think!

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