New Email System, Purchase Order Improvements & More

Today, we are happy to announce major features bringing us closer to YoPrint 2.0. We spent the last two months toiling away to bring you these features. We believe this much-needed updates will further streamline your print shop. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Brand New Email Design

We wanted to put your branding front and center of your customer communication experience. We now place your logo prominently and also include your physical location and your business contact information. We’ve also added an all-new conversation email so your customers can look at the thread at a glance without having to go through the email. We believe your customers are going to enjoy this new professional email design.

YoPrint New Email Design

Multiple Email Recipients

Ever wanted to CC another person in the email? Need to send an email to multiple contacts at the same time? Our redesigned email system now takes into account these scenarios and makes it super easy to send out those emails. Just select the contacts and hit send. Worried the email didn’t reach them? Our delivery confirmation status will put your mind at ease.

YoPrint Multiple Email Recipient

Full Email Record

To further improve our transparency, we now record the actual email being sent out. Just click “See full message” to see the complete email message sent out.

YoPrint Full Message View

New File Uploader

You can now paste an image, drag and drop files, and select multiple files from the browser simultaneously. As the icing on the cake, we now let you directly attach YoPrint generated PDF documents into email as attachments as well.

YoPrint New File Uploader

New Purchase Order Email System

We’ve implemented the same email system as Sales Order for Purchase Orders as well. You can now send and receive emails directly from YoPrint. All emails will be organized by the purchase order, complete with delivery confirmation. We believe this is going to supercharge your Purchase Order workflow.

YoPrint Purchase Order Email System v1.1

Purchase Order Internal Comments

We’ve also added support for Purchase Order comments. You can now leave timestamped notes or even instructions to your fellow teammates in the PO. Staying on top of your Purchase Order has never been easier.

YoPrint Purchase Order Comments

Improved Message Template

We’ve added a rich text editor for the message templates so that you can style the emails just the way you want. For the power users, you can style the emails outside of YoPrint and add the raw HTML to YoPrint instead.

YoPrint Message Template v1.1

Improved Transaction Emails

We’ve also completely revamped all the emails that we send you to notify of actions taken in YoPrint. We’ve enhanced all the emails to contain more information so that you can get more information at a glance.

YoPrint Artwork Approval Email

We believe these major improvements will further streamline your workflow using YoPrint. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

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