Email Sending Domain, Change History & Notification History

As the holiday season fast approaching us, we are happy to announce another round of major updates. This update brings us one step closer to YoPrint 2.0. First up, email sending domain.

Email Sending Domain

You can now send emails using your domain name. You no longer have to explain to your customer why YoPrint is sending them an email. Coupled with our custom domain name for the customer portal and new email templates, your brand is now at the front-and-center of your customer experience. We believe this will bring your business to the next level.

YoPrint Email Sending Domain v1.0

Sales Order Change History

When everyone is working out of the same order, it can be hard to track who changed what. To help you audit the changes, YoPrint will now track all changes made, complete with timestamps. The first version covers important fields while we work on adding support to all fields.

YoPrint Sales Order Change History v1.0

Purchase Order Change History

We are extending the same change history for Purchase Order as well. Like Sales Order, we will be rolling out an initial set of fields to track changes while we continue to work on the rest of the fields.

YoPrint Purchase Order Change History v1.0

Notification History

Up until this point, we’ve only shown the top 10 notification in your notification bar. However, where a lot is going on, it becomes easy for the notification to get drowned out. Now you can view the entire notification history. We are also adding the ability to archive notification so you can keep your notification center nice and tidy.

YoPrint Notification History v1.0

Invoice Filter

Needs to get a quick list of outstanding invoices? You can now create filters to do just that. We are extending the same power and simplicity of our filtering system to the invoice list page. Start using invoice filters today.

YoPrint Invoice Filter v1.0

We are super excited to release these features today. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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