Delta Apparel, Internationalization & More

As we’re working through our major features, we’ve taken a little detour to release the following features.  

Delta Apparel Integration

YoPrint Delta Apparel v1.1

We’ve added Delta Apparel to our ever-growing list of catalogs. Our Delta Apparel brings you the entire catalog, your negotiated price, and stock levels in their warehouse. Just head over to Configuration > Settings > Apps to start using Delta Apparel catalog in YoPrint.

UK, EU & Australia Support

YoPrint Tax Configuration v1.0

We’ve added the following configurations to help businesses in the UK, EU, and Australia. You can customize them under Configuration > Settings > General

Date Formats

YoPrint has always used a date format that’s universally understood. You can set the App Date Format and PDF Date Format to your preferred date format.

Tax ID Number on Invoices

You can now record VAT/ABN numbers for both yourself and your customers and show them on the invoices. You can set the Tax Identification Number Label (defaults to TIN) to match your region. Be sure to enable Show Team Tax Identification Number in PDF and Show Customer Tax Identification Number in PDF to start using using it.

Tax Label

You can rename the “Tax” label across the app and PDFs to something that matches your region. For example, this would be VAT for EU and GST for Australia.

Add a Previous Job

YoPrint Add Previous Job v1.0

Previously we’ve added the ability to duplicate an existing order for faster reorder processing. Now you can also search and add jobs from other orders to the current order. This is ideal for situations where you need to combine multiple orders into one.

Rush Order

YoPrint Rush Order v1.0

You can now easily flag orders and jobs as Rush. On top of that, you would be able to create filters to track rush orders as well. All rush orders will be denoted by a flame icon to encourage your team to complete them quickly 🙂

Shipment Packed By

YoPrint Packed By v1.0

Need to track who packed the shipment? Just enable Packed By under Configuration > Settings > General. Once they’ve packed, they will one-click assign themselves as a packer—a fast and convenient way to improve tracking and accountability.

We hope these update will further streamline your workflow in YoPrint. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

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