Augusta Sportswear, Restore Deleted Content & More

Hello decorators! We’ve been hard at work, and we are super excited to release the following new features.

Introducing Augusta Sportswear Catalog

We are now fully integrated with the Augusta Sportswear catalog. You can search for products from Augusta sportswear directly from YoPrint. To enable this integration, head over to Configuration > Settings > General and toggle on Enable Augusta Catalog.

YoPrint Augusta Sportswear Integration

Restore Deleted Customer

Ever been in a rush and accidentally deleted the wrong customer? You can now undo that. Just click Restore Deleted in the Customer List Page and restore the deleted customer. 

YoPrint Restore Deleted Customer

Clone Deleted Sales Orders

Your customer asks you to cancel an order, so you deleted that order, but they changed their mind. Now you don’t have to re-create the order from scratch. Just click Deleted Sales Order in the Sales Order list page and clone that deleted order.

YoPrint Clone Deleted Sales Order

Introducing Sales Order Labels

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to add an identifier to each Sales Order to make it easy to find and identify. We’re happy to announce you can now add an optional label to the Sales Order. As a bonus, we’ve made the labels searchable too.

YoPrint Sales Order Label

Introducing Purchase Order Labels

We’ve had similar requests to add a label to Purchase Orders. We’re happy to release this today as well. As with Sales Order, the labels are optional and searchable.

YoPrint Purchase Order Label

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