New Inventory Features, Redesigned Shipping & Redesigned List Page

Here is our very first update for the year 2021. We’ve spent the last few months working on various performance improvements for our enterprise customers. We’ve released a few updates to speed things up, with even more performance improvements in the pipeline. We promise YoPrint will feel faster than ever before.

We’ve also been working on exciting new features for YoPrint 2.0, and we are happy to release the following features!

Inventory Search

Yes! You can finally search through your inventory. Just type in your product details and our search engine will do the rest!

YoPrint Inventory Search Feature Image

Inventory Filters 

Need to know which products are running low? Want to see where your inventory is tied up? Just create a filter and find out. We believe filters will make managing inventory a breeze.

YoPrint Inventory Filter

Manage Inventory Products

We’ve added support to add and remove products from inventory manually. We’ve also tweaked our automatic algorithm to only add relevant products to your inventory based on your sales order and purchase orders. We believe this will allow you to keep your inventory lean and precise.

YoPrint Remove Products from Inventory

Redesigned UPS / FedEx Integration

We’ve redesigned our UPS/FedEx shipping experience based on your feedback. You can now specify box sizes and the insured amount when creating the label. We’ve also redesigned our estimated shipping rate to help you get a more accurate estimate for your customer. We have a few more updates planned for shipping, so stay tuned!~

YoPrint New Shipping Dialog

Redesigned List Page

We’ve entirely rewritten the list pages to be compact, modern, and 80% faster! On top of that, you can also customize the column order and hide any irrelevant columns. We’ve rewritten Sales Order, Quote, Jobs, Tasks, and Purchase Orders have, and we are hoping to get the rest of YoPrint up to date by the end of the year.

YoPrint New List Page Experience
YoPrint List Page Column Arrange

These features are available today! Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

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