Upgraded Zapier Integration (Yes, Again!)

We’re back at it again with more triggers and actions added to boost YoPrint’s Zapier integration. What no-code automations can you expect this time around? Well, we’re giving you the ability to automatically update contacts and customers, and send emails or SMS. 

So, what can you do with these new triggers? Let’s say a customer just approved an order. With Zapier, you can send an automated email saying you’ll get started on the order immediately. Or if you use a CRM, once you create a new contact in YoPrint, that contact will also appear in your CRM. Pretty cool, huh? And these examples only scratch the surface of what’s possible.

Check out all the new triggers and actions:

New triggers:

  • Contact Created
  • Contact Deleted
  • Contact Updated
  • Customer Created
  • Customer Deleted
  • Customer Updates

New actions:

  • Create Contact
  • Create Customer
  • Send Quote Message
  • Send Sales Order Message
  • Search Contact by ID
  • Search Customer by ID

For a list of all actions and triggers, click here: https://zapier.com/apps/yoprint/integrations 

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