New in August: Reports, UI, and More Improvements

We’ve already seen some major enhancements this month (Zapier upgrade and Customizable PDFs), but we’re not stopping there. We’ve been working on the little things too!

Better Tax Reports


Easier and faster tax reporting at your service! We’ve added new ‘Discount’ and ‘Subtotal’ columns to Tax Reports. Just doing our part to make taxes less taxing.

Added Columns to Payment Reports

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Aside from Tax reports, we also updated Payment reports with new ‘Sales Order Label’ and ‘Customer Name’ columns. You now have better control over the data you see in payment reports.

Pay Now Button: A New Stand-Out


What better way to ask for payments than in ultra-bright colors? The most important part of your business – getting paid – is now easier than ever with a super prominent ‘Pay Now’ button in the Customer Portal. The colors are based on your team’s Primary and Secondary colors, so you can make them as bright and bold as you like.

Pick A Color. Any Color.


Who doesn’t love unlimited color choices? Instead of the previously limited color selection, we now offer a standardized color picker for Statuses and Task Presets.

Clearer ‘Due’ Labels


We’ve improved the ‘Due’ labels on invoices and orders in YoPrint and the Customer Portal for better clarity. Invoices and orders that are due today now say “Due Now” instead of the previous “Overdue” label.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where an update made to the default discount was not updating the shipment discount correctly.
  • We fixed a bug where Created By was mistakenly presented as editable in edit mode.
  • We fixed an error where re-arranging Pricing Matrix columns didn’t result in the corresponding cells also being rearranged.
  • We fixed a bug where email recipients were not automatically added during Sales Order and Quote creation.
  • We fixed a bug where removing email recipients failed intermittently.
  • We fixed a bug where vendor contacts were not loading correctly in Purchase Orders
  • We fixed a bug so that when editing a Sales Order, moving a line item to another job autosaves correctly.

That’s all for now, folks! We’ve got some major updates coming out in the next couple of months, and trust us when we say you don’t want to miss out. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know!

P.S. We’ll be at the Impressions Expo in Forth Worth from September 14-16. Come say hi!

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