NEW: QuickBooks Online Payment Syncing & Quality-of-Life Improvements

We’re excited to announce a new, highly requested feature: we now support payment syncing in QuickBooks Online! We couldn’t stop ourselves there. We went ahead and added many new enhancements to the overall QuickBooks Online syncing experience that we believe you will love!

Sync Payments to Quickbooks


A paid invoice in YoPrint is instantly marked as paid in Quickbooks Online! 

We used to only sync over invoices and not the payment status. Now, once payment is recorded in YoPrint, the invoice in both YoPrint and QBO are marked as paid. No more double entry and cross-checking. 

Prefer to do it manually? Just turn off payments syncing, and we promise to leave it alone 🙂

Disable Invoice Syncing per Sales Order


You can choose which sales orders get synced over to QuickBooks either in the individual sales order, or from the sales order list page. You have complete control over what gets synced to QuickBooks, and what stays in YoPrint.

QuickBooks Online Sales Order Sync Status & Error Logs


Have you ever wondered if this Sales Order has synced to QuickBooks Online? You don’t have to wonder anymore. We’ve added sync status to each Sales Order. We show you whether each order has been successfully synced, failed to sync, or never synced. You can also check out the error logs at the order level. If there were any issues with the sync, you’d see those details here.


We’ve worked hard to bring our QuickBooks Online integration to the next milestone, and we can’t wait for you to try it out!

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