March 2023: New Features, Improved User Experience

We’ve worked on a few things in March, including adding some key features and improving the usability of the customer portal.

Setting Default Customer Portal Payment Option

customer portal payment enable1

Do you prefer to allow only select customers to pay via credit card? You can now disable online payments for all customers and enable them on per customer basis!


Bulk Delete Products via CSV

remove variant product

Great news! Now that we include product IDs when you export your products from our system, you’re able to delete products individually or in bulk using CSV. Once you download a CSV of your products, you can add a separate ‘action’ column telling YoPrint you want to delete a product or one of its variants. Here’s how to do it.

With the addition of product IDs, you can also make other edits to the products (like their title and descriptions) in a CSV without worrying about any duplicates.

Hide Invoices for Quotes in the Customer Portal

customer portal quote

Invoices for quotes were previously only hidden on the Invoices page. We’ve now removed invoices from the Quote’s page in the customer portal. So when customers look into a quote’s details, they won’t see the invoice.

Improved User Experience on Customer Portal Mobile Dashboard


We’ve made using and navigating the customer portal’s dashboard easier on mobile devices. The dashboard has been upgraded so it now lays out the Requires Your Attention section, sales orders, and quotes in separate tabs –  a much more intuitive way of interacting with the portal.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where clicking on ‘Send Quote Details’ instead sent a payment reminder.
  • We fixed a bug where shipping charges were not being displayed correctly in the customer portal.
  • We restored support for older browsers that was accidentally removed during a framework upgrade.
  • We fixed a bug where adding products with only size variants to inventory was not working.

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