Customizable Job & Shipment ID, Status Page & More

We’re constantly working on adding new feature and improving existing ones at YoPrint. We’re making steady progress on YoPrint 2.0, and we are getting closer to releasing major features. In the meantime, here’s is what we’ve worked on July 2021.

Customizable Job ID and Shipment ID

We are always looking for ways to make YoPrint customizable. To that end, we’ve added support to change the Job ID and Shipment ID in YoPrint. You can now change the JOB ID / Shipment ID to fit your workflow. Don’t worry – we will let you know if there is a duplicate ID in the system.

YoPrint Customize Ship Job ID v1.0

Invoice List Page Improvements

We’ve added Issue Date, In Hands Date, and Ship by Date fields to the invoice list page. We’ve also added quick sort functionality to those fields allowing you to sort with a click. We’ve also added new sort options to invoice filters allowing you to customize the list further.

YoPrint Invoice List Page

Reports Improvements

We’ve also added the warehouse field to Sales Order Reports, Quote Reports, Invoice Item Reports, and Invoice Reports. For teams that use multiple warehouses, this should make our reporting more useful.

YoPrint Reports Page

New Status Page

To increase our transparency, we’ve created a status page to show our service availability and uptime. We will also update the page if we have any unexpected downtime or if our upstream providers are experiencing an outage. You can access the page here:

YoPrint Status Page v1.0

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

We’ve also made various minor tweaks and bug fixes to the software. Here are some noteworthy changes.

  • You can now show “Packed By” fields in packing slips.
  • Cloning Purchase Orders now preserves the Sales Order links. 
  • Fixed a bug where cloning a purchase order line item doesn’t add the line item directly below.
  • We now show the total items in a shipment.
  • You can now use the Package Tracking variable in the Message Template.
  • Fixed an issue where adding items to the inventory fails.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a deleted product from inventory fails.
  • Fixed an issue where color selection for a product may show duplicate colors.
  • Fixed an issue importing a CSV file with certain Unicode characters may fail.
  • Allow Google Auth users to select which account they would like to sign in with.
  • Fixed an issue where signing up with a Google Auth account may fail to add the user to the team.

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