Barcode Scanner

Introducing Built-In Barcode Scanner

We recognize the importance of having a proper barcode system to boost the productivity of your team and streamline production, which is why we had it since day one. Almost every PDFs generated in YoPrint will include at least one barcode aimed to make order tracking workflow faster and more efficient. To fully take advantage of our barcode system, all you need is a 1D Barcode Scanner capable of scanning Code 128.

While this lends itself well for desktop/laptop based workflow, it falls short when it comes to using a tablet. Tablets nowadays are powerful, affordable and a perfect companion for the production workflow.

We are introducing two changes to help print shops harness the power of tables. We are switching to QR Code, and we are embedding a QR Code scanner within YoPrint.

Why QR codes?

QR codes are smaller and more accurate for camera-based scanners to read. Furthermore, the availability of cheap wireless QR Code readers makes it a suitable replacement for our existing Code 128 Barcode. Finally, this change is backward compatible, meaning any existing barcodes will work just fine. We have also made this change opt-in for existing users. You can enable it under Configurations > Settings > General > Use QR Code.

How to use the built-in QR code scanner?

We have made the scanner easy to use. Just click the shutter icon on the top right and center the barcode in the dialog. Once we have decoded the barcode, you will be redirected to the right page.

What if you want to use a wireless QR code scanner?

You will be able to enjoy the same ease of use as you did with Code 128 barcode support. Our always-on barcode system automatically detects any input from attached USB QR / barcode scanners.

Give it a try!

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