Sunsetting Native UPS and Fedex Integrations: Transitioning to Shippo for Seamless Shipping Solutions

YoPrint Canadian Catalog Integrations

Hey guys,

As you might be aware, UPS and Fedex has entirely overhauled their API, which has made our existing integration with them ineffective. Consequently, we are sunsetting both our Native Fedex and UPS Integrations.

We want to ensure that your shipping needs continue to be met with the same level of efficiency and affordability you’ve come to expect from us. With this goal in mind, we recommend that you make the transition to Shippo, a comprehensive shipping platform that supports UPS, FedEx, USPS and many other carriers.

It’s free for up to 30 labels a month, with a $19 plan for up to 10,000 labels. Click here to sign up for a Shippo account, where you are able to link your own respective UPS/Fedex accounts to them or take advantage of their deeply discounted shipping rates.

We’re terribly sorry for not being able to keep supporting the UPS and Fedex integrations. Maintaining these integrations has proven to be very challenging which is why we’ve decided to partner with Shippo to offer a better and more streamlined, but most importantly a well maintained integration.

Anbin is here to further explain why we had to make this decision.

If you have any questions or need help to make this move, our team is here to assist you with setting up and transitioning to Shippo.

Feel free to contact us at

❤️ The YoPrint Team