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YoPrint 9 Mistakes Embroidery Businesses Make and How to Fix Them

9 Mistakes Embroidery Businesses Make and How to Fix Them

By Anbin Muniandy / August 4, 2020

We all want to make money, and making mistakes in any business can be detrimental to the overall success of the business. With tight margins and stiff competition, many commercial embroidery quotes have really thin profit margins built-in, and having to redo work or discard items can become costly for your business. 1. Underquoting Underquoting […]

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YoPrint 8 Key Steps to Building an Accurate Production Schedule

8 Key Steps to Building An Accurate Production Schedule

By Anbin Muniandy / July 28, 2020

Are you missing deadlines? Do you find your production team always rushing to get orders out? Is your sales team taking more orders than your production team can handle? These are tell-tale signs that you are not keeping an accurate production schedule. What is a production schedule and why is it important? A production schedule […]

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YoPrint The Complete Guide to Buying Domain Names

The Complete Guide of Buying Domain Names For Your Print Shop

By Anbin Muniandy / July 15, 2020

Can you imagine paying $31,180,000 for PrivateJet.com? The top 10 most expensive domain names sell for over 10 million USD each. Businesses that covet these domain names see the name of their website as one of their most important branding assets. They are willing to pay up for these domain names to lock them in. What […]

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YoPrint Breakless Pricing Sustainable Approach to Pricing v1.0

Breakless Pricing: Sustainable Approach to Pricing

By Anbin Muniandy / July 12, 2020

Is your pricing matrix done correctly? Mark Coudray, a strategist in the print industry, thinks this might not be the case. He talks about what’s wrong with pricing matrices and how if you’re not careful, taking on more orders makes you less money. What does he mean exactly? Let’s get a good view of this […]

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YoPrint SSL HTTPS What is it and why you should care v1.0

HTTPS? SSL? What is it and why you should care?

By Anbin Muniandy / July 3, 2020

What is HTTPS and SSL? Have you ever noticed that some website URLs start with http://, while others start with “https://” with a lock sign? What does it mean? HTTP refers to the protocol or language used by your browser to communicate with a server. Typically, when you open a page, the browser will make […]

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Pricing for Profitability An In Depth Guide for Markup Margin v1.1

Pricing for Profitability: An In-Depth Guide to Markups and Margins

By Anbin Muniandy / June 11, 2020

The formula for profit is simple: price – cost = profit. The question is, how can you price your product for profitability? Let’s look at two common pricing strategies: Markups and Margins. What is Markup? Markup is the difference between price and cost. In other words, markup is your profit. Let’s say that Jane runs […]

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YoPrint - The Art of Proofing: Are you doing it right?

The Art of Proofing – Are You Doing It Right?

By Anbin Muniandy / May 29, 2020

Proofing is a necessary part of every job you run in your print shop. The question is – are you doing it right? Who proofs your jobs, and do they have the right training or knowledge? There are a number of small things that you should think about when it’s time to proof – that’s […]

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3 Simple Steps Any Apparel Decorators Can Take to Reduce Misprints YoPrint

3 Simple Steps Any Apparel Decorator Can Take To Reduce Misprints

By Anbin Muniandy / May 21, 2020

It can be very frustrating to deal with misprints when you are making a T-shirt. Not only can it cost you time to correct them, but having misprints can also cost you money. However, there are several steps that you can take to reduce the number of misprints you have. Step 1: Set Up Regular […]

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when to say no 45984995

Accept Or Reject An Order: 5 Tips To Help You Decide

By Anbin Muniandy / April 24, 2020

Previously we talked about  knowing how to say “No” to your customers. It is equally important to know when to say “No”.  While it’s great that your business is flourishing with a lot of orders coming in, there is a threshold to the number of orders you can handle at once. To maintain the quality […]

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4 Sure-Fire Ways To Say “NO” To Your Customers Without Losing Them

By Anbin Muniandy / April 23, 2020

We find it hard to say “No” to customers, even though we know that we’re getting ourselves into difficult situations. It’s because of the fear of losing customers and gaining the reputation that we don’t “value their business.” While it’s good to do everything in your power to improve customer experience, you can’t do it […]

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