8 Profitable Niches to Expand to in Apparel Decoration

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Apparel decoration has evolved as a trade and has proved to be one of the most flourishing industries. While in some places apparel decoration is hugely recognized as a profitable business trade, it is yet to gain adequate worldwide recognition.

If you’re not aware of it yet but possess the right skills to establish your business in this trade, then this article is going to provide you a deep insight to apparel decoration and its various profitable niches that you can explore.

What is apparel decoration?


In simple words, it’s decorating the different sets of garbs with intriguing designs and print. But if you’re planning to establish it as a trade where you have a vision and you can achieve success, it could appear to be of a complex nature. Mostly because, apparel decoration consists of various methods in designing different wears that give the perfect end result to your customers.

Common Apparel Decoration Methods

Screen Printing


This method of apparel decoration is considered as a photographic stencil process. A stencil is created for the required design of the garment. This stencil is then used on the garment to apply layers of ink directly on the material.

As a result, the screen’s image is transferred to the apparel’s print surface. Due to its versatile approach, this method of apparel decoration could be used on a diverse range of products and with different materials.


YoPrint Embroidery

This method has been considered to be the most popular among apparel decorators. The use of embroidery machines that provide efficient end results have made this approach an easily accessible one that allows creating apparel decorations in bulk and within a lesser period of time.

The design or the logo, first needs to be digitized on a screen and mapped out for an embroidery machine. This step depends on the intricacies and colors of the logo. Appropriate colors and threads are chosen which carries out a sample design. Once it is approved, the final designs are created.

Direct to Garment

YoPrint DTG Printing

Direct to Garment or DTG is a process of designing apparel directly from the medium used to create the design. It is also referred to as Digital T-shirt Printing at times.

The process is a relatively new fabric printing method. It prints an image directly on the garment by using a modified version of the customary inkjet printer. It is considered as one of the best options for printing or decorating apparels due to the scope for huge diversity.

The DTG is a much more effective process than the screen printing. You can create different designs with a variety of colors and digitally print it on the garment without much manual efforts.

Also, it enhances the printing quality of the image and is feasible when dealing with bulk orders. The direct to garment printing method is very cost-effective and can actually be carried in a household environment if required.

Heat Transfer Sublimation


Heat Transfer Sublimation is achieved with high temperature pressings on the desired cloth material. The process is applied on a transfer material that has a one-side heat-activated adhesive.  After the design gets printed on the material, it goes for a heat press along with the garment so that the adhesive is activated to achieve the end results.

Why do you need a niche in apparel decoration?


Implementation of the methods without having a proper niche may not provide you with the perfect outcomes that you’ve envisioned. Whether it’s a digital marketing brand or an apparel decorating business, identifying your niche is the most important step to establish your vision into reality.

The three most important reasons why you should identify your niche are:

Diverse in Approach

A niche that conforms to your actual vision and skill would help you to establish a diverse approach in the industry. If you’re going about with all kinds of methods and designs, people may not recognize you as one of the best apparel decorators. Selecting a niche would make you stand out from the crowd and people would definitely notice you for your good work.

Ideal Customers or Clients

Depending on your niche, you’ll be able to figure out the right group of target audience for your products. This would save your time from establishing ways to reach a huge group of audience that are not essential at all. Rather, your potential customers will reach out to you based on their needs and you’ll be able to establish a network of ideal customers or clients for your business.

Specialized Services

The best part for having a particular niche is that you’ll be able to design with your specialized set of skills. Your specialization in your niche would help you establish larger yet faster business connections with desired outcomes. Remember, everyone prefers to work with a specialist.

8 profitable niches you can expand to for your apparel decorating business

While you’re pretty good at working in your preferable niche, you can gradually include a set of diverse niches that relate to yours and that are profitable for you. Discussed below are a few examples of profitable niches in the apparel decorating industry that you can explore and expand based on your choices!

1. Schools

YoPrint School Niche

The best place where you can always look for expanding your embroidery business are schools. A lot of schools on both private and public bases have a set of uniforms for their students. Their need for embroidered logos on these uniforms is where your importance lies. Different schools have different logos that distinguishes them. If you’re willing to expand your apparel decorating business, then schools are possibly the right place to begin.

2. Clubs

YoPrint Club Niche
YoPrint Club Niche

People are coming across with various sports clubs and other entertainment clubs with various themes. These clubs require for specific designs on their apparels to distinguish themselves from the others, hence, could be a perfect niche for you!

3. Corporate Workplaces


Certain corporate offices have a specific uniform for their workers. Whether they need a common set of apparel for their informal workplace events, or they need it on a day-to-day basis, having a unique design or logo is compulsory for them.

4. Dance Studios

YoPrint Dance Studio

Besides schools, clubs and offices, dance studious could be an exciting opportunity for the expansion of your apparel decorating business. The most intriguing part of this niche is its availability of diversity. Dancers are always in need of diverse range of clothing that would fit the purpose and theme of their performance. Tying up with dance studios would help you achieve diversity in your products and expand your business as well.

5. Pageants


Sashes have beautifully conquered the various contests that have become a part in different institutional events. What make pageants most appealing to the people are their beautiful and intricate embroideries. In recent years, the diversity that has been established in this niche is quite intriguing. Thus, it could be one of your best options to expand your apparel designing business.

6. Kitchen Attires


The prospect of kitchen attires being a niche may sound weird to you but yes, it has gained certain amount of growth in various places. Variations in kitchen attires are highly desired by many and this could be an innovative space for you as well.

7. Baby Attires


You hardly need an explanation to know how different set of embroidery ideas are often connected with baby attires. A perfect niche to explore various designs with colors!


YoPrint Hats

Besides Athletic attires that includes club/ team caps as well, hats provide a diverse scope for exploring embroidery ideas. Thinking hats, beachwear hats and similar attires are a way to explore your designing skill sets and expanding your business as well. Like any other attire, they too deem to be quite profitable a niche.

The various other niches which are generally explored yet can be approached with different ideas are patches that are mostly used in jackets, Band merch, athletic attires, Weddings and bridal parties. While some of them may stick to rigid presentations and designs, other offer a scope for creative explorations. These niches give you a chance to explore and enhance the vast world of apparel decoration. Whether you’re willing to establish an apparel decorating business or have already established one, these suggestions would help you avail the most of your skills and abilities.

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