A More Robust and User-Friendly Teesom Alternative: YoPrint

Teesom works if you’re just getting started. YoPrint is what you need to grow. Try YoPrint now for more tools, superior ease of use, and unparalleled customer support.

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Teesom vs YoPrint Pricing

The free Teesom plan works for beginners. The paid Teesom plan only goes so far. YoPrint will take you further. Check out how we compare to Teesom.

Teesom Free Plan Teesom Paid Plan YoPrint Pro Plan
Includes 1 user
$67/mo for 1 user.
$155/mo for 5 users.
$255/mo for 10 users
With $149/mo
Includes 5 users
$12/user/mo for additional users
No. of Orders 20/mo Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing Matrices 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Setup and Training
2 Hours Free
Additional training costs $30/hr
6 Hours Free
Additional training costs $15/hr
Video Call Support $30 for 30 mins Free Free
Live Vendor Stock & Pricing
USA only
USA only
USA and Canada
Payments Paystri, Square, Stripe, Paypal, Gravity Paystri, Square, Stripe, Paypal, Gravity Authorize.net, Square, Stripe, PayPal, Gravity
Customer Portal
Needs to be manually enabled
Needs to be manually enabled
Automatically enabled
Customer Portal Custom Domain
Production Filters
Limited Filters
Print Type, Art, Goods Ordered, Goods In
Limited Filters
Print Type, Art, Goods Ordered, Goods In
More Filters
Payment Status, Print Type, Approval Status, Due Dates, Assignee, Customer, etc.
Barcode Tracking Box label only Box label only All PDFs
Box labels, packing slips, purchase orders, quotes, etc.
QuickBooks Online Sync
Purchase Orders
Multiple Shipments in One Order
Shipping Integrations
Automatic Sales Tax

Give Your Business Space to Grow With User-Friendly Software

YoPrint has easy-to-use tools to manage your shop, no matter the size. Try YoPrint free for 15 days.

Your Customer’s Own Dashboard

A one-stop platform for your customers to check on orders, give approvals, make payments, and communicate with you.

YoPrint Premium Customer Portal 2

It’s All You

Your customers see your branding in the portal - your domain name, your logo, and your colors. They always know who’s giving them such stellar service.

Organized Email Communication

No more disorganized inboxes. With our portal, clients can effortlessly shoot you an email. No more searching through a jumble of messages - everything is neatly sorted by order. 

Track Shipments in Real-Time

Say goodbye to the chaos of constant emails and phone calls! Our customer portal provides live package tracking. Keep your customers informed every step of the way.

Manage Production At Any Scale

Production tools to keep track of orders and hit those deadlines everytime.

YoPrint Production Management At Any Scale

Filter Your View

Create filters so you only see what you need to see. Want to only know what you need to work on? Need to filter by department? Payment status? You can do that and so much more to get through orders quickly. 

List? Calendar? Gantt Chart? Your Choice

Schedule orders like a pro. Choose from a list, calendar, or Gantt chart view. Tailor YoPrint to match your preferred workflow and viewing experience

Custom Workflows

Don’t be tied down by system-generated workflows. You’re in charge, not an app. Create your own set of statuses and presets to fit the way you like to work.

Speed Up Sales

Order entry and management that’s simple and fast. Get more orders in and out in less time.

YoPrint Sales Order Detail Page

Multiple Shipments in One Order

Got packages going to different places at different times? No worries! With YoPrint, you can juggle multiple deliveries like a pro. YoPrint has got your back with support for multiple shipments in one order.

Get Shipping Rates in YoPrint

Speed up shipment creation. With our shipping integrations, you can get rates from UPS and FedEx directly in YoPrint and print the shipping labels without opening another tab.

We Calculate Your Tax

YoPrint automatically calculates your sales tax, making to sure take into account your nexus. Put that calculator away and get ready for a less taxing tax season.

Linking Inventory & Purchasing

A comprehensive inventory management and purchasing solution that’s also linked to your sales orders

YoPrint Purchasing Inventory Together at Last 3

One PO For Multiple Sales Orders

Create a single purchase order for multiple sales orders and link them together. Always know which blanks are for which jobs.

Live Vendor Information

Get live vendor stock and pricing in the US and Canada. Know how many blanks a vendor has at each warehouse, and the pricing for them. Create accurate POs without switching between tabs.

Track Receiving

When your blanks arrive, mark the PO as received, and we will automatically update your inventory for you. YoPrint even supports partial receiving.

Hear 250+ Happy Users

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“We did a trial with Teesom and Printavo and ultimately ended up coming back to YoPrint. YoPrint was a little more robust. It just adapted a little bit better to the way we wanted. The customer support was so quick and responsive.”
Chris Maffeo
Queen City
“We’re that fast because of YoPrint. Nobody in this town uses YoPrint but me. And they have no clue as to why I’m stealing their business left and right.”
Jeremy Boyts
Queen City Graphix
Trevor Profile v1.2
“The speed at filling out work orders is amazing now! The program automatically calculates all totals including tax. Pricing on garments is automatically pulled daily. Our customers love YoPrint too.”
Trevor Karns
Boundary Waters Screenprinting

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