YoPrint vs Inktavo:
The Right Software for You

Which you need, and why you really only need one.

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What is Inktavo?

Inktavo is the parent company of InkSoft, Printavo, and GraphicsFlow. Three software for apparel decorators and branded merchandise.

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Inksoft Logo
An e-commerce platform that lets you sell and manage your branded merchandise.
Printavo Logo
A print shop management software that helps you manage orders.
Graphics Flow Logo
An art creation and collaboration software that simplifies the design process.

An Exceptional Alternative: YoPrint

Super Simple. Surprisingly Powerful.

YoPrint’s got everything you need to streamline your print shop in one place. Sales, production, inventory, customer communications - all of it in an intuitive interface. You’ll see where everything is, understand what everyone’s working on, and know exactly where to put the next thing everyone needs to know about. YoPrint is feature full and foolproof.

YoPrint An Exceptional Alternative

How Does YoPrint Compare to Inktavo?

Let’s compare the shop management software. We’ll get to GraphicsFlow later.

Printavo InkSoft YoPrint
With $149/mo
Want feature parity with YoPrint? That’s $400/mo
With $299/mo
+ a setup fee
With $149/mo
Plan starat from $69
Artwork Approval
Customer Messaging
Purchase Orders
Production Control
Product Catalogs
Inventory Management
Online Stores
Additional $99/mo
Web Designer
Advanced Pricing Engine
QuickBooks Online Sync
Messaging Template Standard and above
Messaging Template Standard and above
Production Calendar
Production Gantt Chart
Multiple Warehouse
Multiple Shipments
Packing Slips Standard and above
Payments Printavo Payments only InkSoft embeeded payments for US customers, Stripe for international customers Square, Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net
Zapier Premium plan only.
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Production File Upload Premium plan only.
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Barcode Tracking Premium plan only.
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Purchase Orders Unlimited on Premium plan only.
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Pricing Matrix Unlimited on Premium plan only.
Contact Printavo for Pricing
Auto Sales Tax Does not support multiple nexus
Supports multiple nexus
Onboarding & Training $3000 - $6000
Free Free
Free Trial 7 days 15 days

What YoPrint Brings to the Table

Ingenious Customer Portal
The ultimate tool for customer satisfaction, a one-stop platform for customers to check on orders.
  • Let your customers see their invoices, quotes, artwork approvals, account balance - all in one comprehensive dashboard.
  • Your customers can view all email communications, including automated emails, neatly organized by the order and quote. Say goodbye to miscommunication.
  • Customers can track their packages right from their customer portal. Cut down on the barrage of emails and calls, and save your and your customers' time
The Best Order Management System
From quoting all the way to payments, YoPrint makes managing orders smoother and quicker.
  • Collect payments with your preferred payment provider. Choose from Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Authorize.net.
  • Create multiple shipments in one order. Ship to multiple destinations and offer pick-ups, all while sales tax nexus are taken care of.
  • Create robust pricing rules. Add discounts and markups based on product brand, size, quantity and more.
  • Superior catalog support with live vendor pricing and stock information by warehouse. USA and Canadian catalogs supported.
Production Management to Supercharge Productivity
Get your jobs printed and out the door quick with these tools at your disposal.
  • Check on and manage your production timeline from a gantt chart, calendar, or list. Tailor YoPrint to match your preferred workflow and viewing experience.
  • Cut through the clutter by filtering your view and focusing only on what's relevant to you and your department. No distractions, just the tasks that require your attention.
  • Create your own tasks, statuses and presets. Workflows at every stage are 100% customizable.
  • Stay in the loop with automatically generated QR codes on every document. Just a quick scan and you're always in the know.
Purchasing and Inventory Sync
Create purchase orders and track your inventory seamlessly.
  • With support for multiple warehouses, you'll always know where your goods are. Plus, we've got your sales tax nexus covered.
  • Track everything effortlessly - from the stock you already have to what's on its way, and stay on top of reordering.
  • Simplify your process by creating just one purchase order for multiple jobs. Cut down on unnecessary time spent tracking excessive purchase orders.

Which Software Do You Really Need?

YoPrint Sales Order Detail Page v2

For the e-commerce focused:

Choose InkSoft. Although its backend shop management capabilities are lacking, it has the best e-commerce tools.

For any other use cases:

Choose YoPrint. It’s the most robust when it comes to managing a print shop, and provides the most value for money.

What About GraphicsFlow? Not Necessary

GraphicsFlow is supposed to assist non-designers in print shops. The idea is that anyone can create and modify art. However, GraphicsFlow isn’t a must-have. Don't forget, there are free design software that make design a breeze for everyone (hello, Canva!).  And If you’re looking for Art Approvals and Art Storage, YoPrint’s got you covered already.

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