YoPrint V2 Progress Updates

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Hey guys,
Just wanted to share a quick update on our progress towards YoPrint V2.

Backend: Nearly There, Promise!

First off, our backend is sprinting towards the finish line. We’re talking a solid 80-90% completion rate here. Right now the core infrastructure and logic has been built. We are working on refinements and bug fixes. Jason is now patiently waiting for frontend to catch up.

Jason leads our Backend Engineering Team.
They build the heart of the software.

Frontend: Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

Moving on to the frontend – it’s, well, chugging along at 50% completion. We’ve built the core UI components and roughly stitched logic together. There is still plenty of UI and UX refinements to be made but Anbin swears he is motivated to hit turbo speed any day now.

Anbin leads our Frontend Engineering Team.
They make the UI.

Bloopers, Bugs, and Behind-the-Scenes

Up until now you’ve only seen our best work. Here are some of our not-so-best work. These are the moments that keep us humble, make us laugh, and occasionally have us questioning our life choices.

This is supposed to be an invoice.
2024 02 14 14 37 59
After we got the artwork approval working, someone on the frontend team broke it again. We suspect it’s Anbin.
Oh – the silly frontend team. Jason disapproves.

But fear not! All of this will be cleaned up and fixed before we release it to production. This is just the process we go through.

Feel free to watch the full video and hear it from the man himself. Anbin will walk you through all that we have been working on and give you a broken demo.
So, there you have it – we’re on our way, making progress, and having a bit of fun while we’re at it. Stay tuned for more updates and eventually, an even better YoPrint experience.

The Rest of YoPrint Team Desperately Trying to Meet the Deadline