Sales Order Contact Assignment

Sales Order Contact Assignment

Working with large organizations with multiple departments can be challenging, especially when you have a different point of contact for each order. This challenge is compounded when an order gets re-assigned to another contact and now you have to make sure you are messaging the right person.
Today we are releasing a new update that will allow you to assign a dedicated contact within the organization to any Sales Orders. You no longer have to worry about messaging the right person. Let us take care of that for you while you focus on other important things.

Assign Contact In A New Sales Order / Quote

When creating a Sales Order or Quote, you will notice a new Contact selection box. This box will automatically populate all the contacts associated with a customer. When you hover over a contact, we will show a neat contact card to make sure you are messaging the right person. If a contact is missing, you can add it directly without having to leave the page.

YoPrint Sales Order Contact Assignment

Reassign A Contact

Reassigning a sales order to another contact is equally effortless. Just click on the edit icon in the Sales Order page and choose a new contact. As with creating the sales order, you can add any missing contact without having to leave the page.

SO Contact Reassign

Watch a quick video tour of the feature.

This feature will help you simplify customer communication and save you time to boot. Try it today and let us know what you think!

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