Mid Year Updates

It’s halfway through the year, and we are happy to release another round of exciting new features! First up – Text Messaging!

SMS or Text Messaging

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We are excited to announce you can finally send text messages through YoPrint. For this to work, you will need to create an account with Twilio, an inexpensive and robust text messaging service. For a few dollars a year, you can reach customers where they want to be reached, and achieve a new level of customer satisfaction. Learn more here: https://support.yoprint.com/article/139-text-messaging-sms.

Download Center

download center

We are thrilled to announce that you can now export your customer list and inventory list from our system. All you have to do is just initiate the export and sit back. We will let you know when the data is ready to be downloaded. We will also be rolling out more data exports so keep an eye out for them!

QuickBooks Customer Mapping

customer mapping

Up until now, YoPrint mapped the customers in YoPrint to the corresponding customers in QuickBooks Online for you. YoPrint even created missing customers automatically for you as well. We’ve now added the ability for you manually update this mapping if you need to. It’s incredibly useful for cases where YoPrint was unable to map the customer, or you wish to change the mapping yourself.

Honorable mentions!

  • You can now view the purchase order completion date, and the status last changed date on the Purchase Order list page. 
  • We’ve added a column to the list page showing you the total quantity in a job.
  • We’ve added a new invoice tab to the customer detail page so that you can access customer invoices quickly.
  • Added support to display purchase order labels in the PDFs generated
  • Added support to record cash payments directly in Square from YoPrint
  • We’ve renamed the “Custom” option in payments to “Split Payment” in the Customer Portal for clarity
  • We’ve added an option to hide the Custom payment option in the Customer Portal.
  • You can now filter messages with no status assigned
  • We’ve added internal notes and delivery notes to shipments and shipment PDFs

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