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Introducing Quotes Management

As we know, every sales transaction starts with a Quote, formal or informal. A typical sales cycle start with customer approaching you with a request. You would then create a Quote and send it to your customer. You may go back and forth until you, and your customer reaches an agreement. Once agreed upon, you would then convert the Quote into a Sales Order and start the fulfillment process. We created our Quote system to make this process seamless.

How do you create a Quote?

Creating a Quote is similar to creating a Sales Order in our system. You can either create a new Quote from Sales > Quote or from Customer Details Page.

YoPrint Create New Quote
Create a new Quote from Quote List Page
YoPrint Create New Quote from Customer List Page
Create a new Quote from Customer Detail Dialog

How do you send a Quote Approval Request?

Creating an Quote Approval Request is straight forward. Click on Create Request, add any specifics you would like to be shown in the email and click Send Now to email your customer with the order approval request.

YoPrint Send Quote Approval Request
Click Create Request to create Quote Approval Request
Send Quote Approval Request
Add any note that should appear on email and click Send Now to email Customer

How do you request Artwork Approval?

Depending on your workflow, you may choose to send Artwork Approval requests, as well. Click the Action button on the job details, and click Request Artwork Approval and click Send Now to send an email to your customer.

Create Quote Artwork Approval
Create a new Artwork Approval Request
Send Quote Artwork Approval
Fill in any notes for you customers and hit Send Now

What will your customer see?

Your customer will receive an email with the link to their dedicated Customer Portal for your business. They can review the Quote and choose to either Approve or Request Change. Once your customer has completed this step, you will receive a notification indicating your customer’s response.


Customer Portal Approval
Customer Portal Quote Details and Approvals View
Quote Approval Notifications
Quote Approval Notifications

How do you convert a Quote into Sales Order?

The final step is to convert the approved Quote into a Sales Order, and it couldn’t be more straightforward. Just click Convert to Sales Order. Furthermore, all communication, including Order Approvals, Artwork Approvals, Internal Comments, Customer Messages related to the Quote, as well as Order ID, will be preserved, providing you with a complete history of the Quote to Sales Order cycle.

Convert Quote to Sales Order
Convert Quote to Sales Order

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