S&S Canada Integration by YoPrint

Access wholesale fashion-forward apparel and accessories from S&S Activewear Canada directly in YoPrint.

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S&S canada integration

Quote with S&S Canada Products

Want to quote with S&S Activewear Canada’s catalog of 25+ brands? Do so instantly directly in YoPrint. No extra tabs needed. Search for the product in YoPrint, and instantly add it to your quote or purchase order.

Screenshot of the application displaying a search bar with the query 'S&S'

Get Live Pricing

Get live case, piece, and dozen prices from S&S Activewear Canada in YoPrint. Do you have your own rates negotiated with S&S? You’ll see that in YoPrint too. Spend less time creating quotes and more time closing customers.

Screenshot of an Application showing the product pricings

See Real-Time Stock Levels

Need to know if a product is in stock? Find out without leaving YoPrint. We show you a product’s stock level across all of S&S Canada’s warehouses in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. Know what’s in stock at this very second so you can quote your customers with confidence.

Screenshot of an Application showing the product stock levels

Ready to Quote with S&S Canada’s Catalog?

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