Square Integration by YoPrint

Start collecting payments with Square in a few easy steps. In-person or online payments, we cover them all.

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Collect Payment with Square Reader

YoPrint automatically syncs all payments from Square and matches it up with the corresponding YoPrint orders. Just enter the order number and complete the payment on your Square Reader. Can't find your reader? Just collect payment directly from YoPrint.

Cellphone connected to Square Reader

Collect Payments Online

Provide your customers with the convenience of paying online. Send a payment request from YoPrint and we will do the rest. Your customer can view the order online, make a payment, and download their invoice all on their own.

Screenshot of the online payment collection feature in the application

Secure and PCI Compliant

YoPrint Square integration is secure and PCI compliant. All credit card information is handled directly by Square using the most stringent security standards. YoPrint doesn't store any credit card information. Collect payments with peace of mind.

Credit card icons and shield icon for secure payment

No Transaction Fees

YoPrint will not charge additional transaction fees for payments collected using YoPrint. All transaction will take place in your account with Square. You only pay the transaction fees set by Square. Your money never leaves your account. Take payments with confidence.

Zero transaction fee

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