Shippo Integration by YoPrint

Reach more distance at better prices with Shippo.
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Print Labels Directly in YoPrint

Streamline your Shippo shipping process with YoPrint. Connect your Shippo account and start purchasing your shipping labels directly. View all shipping speeds and get accurate shipping estimations conveniently. Save time, ditch the time consuming CSV uploads and duplicate data entry. YoPrint is your one stop shipping solution simplified.

Create Shipping Label

Ship with Multiple Shipping Providers

Expand your shipping options with Shippo and get access to 85+ shipping carriers. Start shipping like a pro. Reach better distance, and with more discounts too!

Deep Discounts for Major Carriers

With Shippo, you get to save thousands of dollars on shipping with up to 62% discounts with UPS, 90% with USPS and get up to 75% with DHL! Need a trim on the expenses? Shippo’s your answer.

Supports Canadian Shipping Providers

Canadians, you get to print labels, get rates, and have real-time tracking too. Shippo supports Canada Post and Purolator allowing you to get full access to YoPrint’s shipping module.

Real-Time Shippo Tracking

Like to see where your packages are? No need to copy and paste tracking numbers anymore. Track your parcels in real-time with YoPrint. Your customers can do the same in their customer portal. YoPrint's integrated package tracking is frust-free guaranteed.

Real-Time Tracking

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