QuickBooks Online Integration by YoPrint

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How the YoPrint and QuickBooks Online Synchronization Works

Sales Orders to Invoices

Sales Orders in YoPrint can be automatically or manually synced to Quickbooks as Invoices. Any changes you make in YoPrint - whether that’s to the price, due date, or other details - get updated in Quickbooks Online - instantly.

Illustration of Sales Orders to Invoices process

Purchases Orders to Bills

Any purchase orders you create in YoPrint are synced to QuickBooks as Bills, including the vendor information. Of course, changes made in YoPrint are also reflected in QuickBooks. Say goodbye to double data entry.

Illustration of Purchases Orders to Bills

Correct Customer Mapping

You’ve got complete control over how customers in YoPrint are shared across QuickBooks. YoPrint automatically maps customers, but you can manually update the mapping yourself. No more duplicate or missing customers.

Illustration demonstrating Correct Customer Mapping in YoPrint

Sync Payments

Customer paid? That’s synced. Payment refunded? That’s synced. Order only partially paid for? Yep, that’s also synced. Any payment recorded, removed, or refunded in YoPrint is instantly synced over to QuickBooks Online.

Illustration demonstrating Sync Payments

To Sync or Not to Sync

YoPrint automatically syncs all Sales Order and Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online for you. Not a fan of automated syncing? Just turn it off and sync whenever you want to. Sync your way.

Screenshot of an Application displaying the Sync Settings

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