Canada Integrations by YoPrint

Upset about the absence of Canadian-specific integrations? YoPrint has you covered with seamless access to popular Canadian catalogs, payment processing, and shipping integrations. From generating quotes to order fulfillment and receiving payments, YoPrint makes the entire process easier than ever.

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Everything Canada

Quote Instantly with Canadian Catalogs Integration

Work a lot with Alphabroder Canada? We got it. S&S Canada? Most definitely. SanMar Canada? Of course! Get instant access to all the brands and products these catalogs carry and quote instantly. Complete with Live Pricing and Live Vendor Inventory.

Collect Payment Online In Canada

Collecting payments has never been better. You and your customers will get to enjoy 100% secure payments with 0% transaction fees. YoPrint does not store any credit card information, and everything is PCI compliant, so rest assured that you can collect payments with confidence. YoPrint seamlessly integrates with Stripe, Square, PayPal, and - all optimized for the Canadian market.

Shippo Integration Fully Supports Canadian Carriers

Enjoy complete integration with Canada Post and Purolator via Shippo. Get estimated shipping rates, print labels and track packages in real-time - all within YoPrint. Shipping should be this easy.

GST and HST Supported

YoPrint is fully compatible with both the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Canada. Just set up your tax rates once, and let YoPrint handle the math.

Quickbooks Integration

Goodbye manual imports, hello automation. Forget tedious manual data entry from one system to another and focus on the things that matter - growing your business. It works for Canada too!

Everything Else

A Portal to Customer Satisfaction

Provide every customer with their own best-in-class dashboard where they can see all their orders, approvals, mockups, make payments, download their invoices, and even email you directly. Speed up customer communication and complement your professional service with an exceptional customer portal. Your customers don’t want to learn a new system? Send emails from YoPrint and let your customer respond to them directly. YoPrint will always keep them together for you.

Streamline Production Planning

Enhance efficiency and minimize mistakes. Tailor tasks to match your workflow. Easily prioritize, delegate, and monitor jobs using a straightforward visual scheduler. Never miss a deadline again.

Inventory Made Easy

Take your business to the next level with YoPrint’s integrated inventory management. Know in real-time your stock on hand, goods you need to order, and goods you are waiting to receive at all times. Effortlessly manage multiple locations. Never worry about overstocking or understocking with YoPrint.

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