Efficiency through YoPrint Drove Revved Up Promotions’ Sales By 16 Times in its First Year

April 09, 2023

Kellan Kamerzel, owner of Revved Up Promotions, talks about how YoPrint helped their business grow 16x in the first year.

About Revved Up Promotions

Revved Up Promotions is a Montana-based print company founded by husband-and-wife duo Kellan and Joni in 2020. They provide quality screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products to customers throughout the United States. Kellan was previously a field superintendent in the oil and gas industry for 12 years, working all around the Rocky Mountain region before deciding to “go back to his roots” and settle in Montana. On the other hand, Joni worked as an embroidery technician in Wyoming, an opportunity that “opened the door” to their founding of Revved Up Promotions.

Starting from Scratch

Kellan and Joni purchased their starting equipment in 2020 from someone who had been in the embroidery and screen printing industry for over 20 years. At the time, Joni was still working as an embroidery technician, so with her expertise, they used her skillset to prep their embroidery services while also learning screen printing “from the ground up.”

Kellan brought his technical expertise during his O&G days and some prior experience from ordering apparel to Revved Up, knowing that having an organizational structure was the key to success. “I did not want to start the business running it with Excel sheets or something along those lines,” he remarked, as experience has shown him how cumbersome Excel spreadsheets can get over time.

“It was very annoying to me when you would get quotes or pricing [for apparel] that was from the same company, but it was different [even for] the same items,” Kellan recounts. “It was just [because] things weren’t standardized in the background.”

As such, both Kellan and Joni knew they needed a possible solution. They found YoPrint and several competitors from Google searches, and after some reviewing, they decided YoPrint was the “best solution” for Revved Up Promotions at an affordable price.

Convenience Through YoPrint

YoPrint’s ease of use and guided onboarding process was “a big deal” to Kellan.

“We had a call with Anbin…prior to making our selection. It made us more comfortable [knowing] that the developer[s] care about getting us onboarded correctly.”

Kellan Kamerzel

Kellan finds the invoicing and payment integrations as the most beneficial features of YoPrint. “We’re just a small shop, so anytime we can save a little bit of time and effort is helpful,” Kellan said. With Kellan knowing that quoting can be “very, very easy” but also very cumbersome as the number of orders grows, having seamless integrations to make it easy to keep tabs on everything, including their suppliers, is always welcome.

With YoPrint, it takes him less than 10 minutes to create a quote; if he had to use something like Excel, it would probably take him at least half an hour. Thanks to YoPrint, there’s no need for Revved Up Promotions to fuss over figuring out the prices and so forth.

“Off the cuff, I know from my previous experience that [using YoPrint] is a huge time savings for us.”

Kellan Kamerzel

Meanwhile, Revved Up’s customers like the convenience of the customer portal, which allows them to view all their quotes and invoices and approve any changes from a single platform.

“It’s [also] easy on our side because I can just point them back to the portal if they ever have any questions [on their order]. [Or] if they want to reorder, we can duplicate that order; the whole thing is so much easier than doing it with pen and paper.”

Kellan Kamerzel

Adding Up Value

Revved Up added YoPrint to its shop management in September 2020. By September of the following year, their sales had grown 16 times from that first month, with the average month-on-month growth for the first twelve months at 34 percent. Meanwhile, sales in 2022 saw an increase of 44 percent – and it’s expected to grow further this year.

Kellan recommends YoPrint for what he would call its “customer service” on top of its continuous improvements to make it more convenient to use, with plenty of new integrations to use. “It’s really the access to the [YoPrint] team to be able to get things fixed or better understood,” Kellan said. “It’s the little things that I can bring [up with them], and [they] can easily recognize what the issue is and get it fixed.”