Sales Soar by 500%: The YoPrint Effect on BullCity Printing

December 07, 2023

Will Boone shares how YoPrint has been a great help to his printing business, Bullcity Printing, which started in 2014.

About Bullcity Printing

Family owned and operating in Durham, North Carolina, Bullcity Printing started only as a screen printing shop, but since then has incorporated embroidery, and also wide format printing including decals, window signage and even vehicle wraps.

Effortless Efficiency with YoPrint

Just like any other printing business, Bullcity faced a lot of challenges too, one on top of the list would be would be staying organized. They have gone through trial and error processes of choosing the perfect software to aid their shop and managing a fuss free workflow to ensure efficiency.

It was very difficult for us to stay organized on a daily basis, providing accurate quotes and invoices to our customers. That was a challenge for us overall, just being consistent guesswork out of everything. If any of you guys are like us, we’ve tried a ton of softwares, a lot of programs, spent countless dollars on stuff that just didn’t work, but we found YoPrint and it has helped us tremendously!

Will Boone, Bullcity Printing

Why YoPrint Outshines All Others?

Seamless Approval Processes

Some of the features that we like when it comes to YoPrint, the approval process will be number one. That is a big, big thing for us. It’s seamless. Whenever we create our mockups or examples for our customers, it’s just easy to upload them, send it to them, get their approval.

Will Boone, Bullcity Printing

Will explains how he loves the ease of having artworks being changed, and how customers get to communicate right within the software, and be immediately prompted to proceed with the next order of business.

Organized Customer Portal

As a business that works a lot with government entities, YoPrint’s customer portal has been a tremendous help to Bullcity Printing. Providing ease of mind with its systematical order of quotes and invoices, YoPrint’s customer portal has saved them a lot of time and it is much easier on their customers too!

Any customer can go into their portal and basically pull up any order that they’ve made with us. Print it, download it, do whatever they need to do with it. Just makes the process that much better.

Great After Sales Support

Generally, Bullcity has had no issues with YoPrint, however he has had a question and contacted customer support. He describes the after sales experience as phenomenal as the response was swift and speedy.

When it comes to support, YoPrint is there. They’re here to work with you, and most importantly, they got your back.

Bullcity Printing has experienced a business growth of 500% over the last 18 months and we are looking forward to grow together with them.