September – What’s New

As we come closer to the end of the third quarter, we’re happy to announce some new features and changes to make YoPrint a better experience for you and your customers. First up – QR Code routing.

QR Code Intelligent Routing

Yoprint qr code intelligent routing

We heard you and got to work on this exciting new feature! Now, whoever scans QR codes is taken to different pages depending on their access levels. This means we avoid situations where your customer might scan a code and be taken to YoPrint’s registration page. 

If you are logged into YoPrint, then scanning the QR code will take you to the correct page in YoPrint. Otherwise, you will be taken straight to the customer portal. We don’t want your customers to be confused, either. For contract printing orders, we will show a white-labeled contact page.

Support Uploading Logo to Customer Brand Profiles

yoprint upload logo to customer brand profile

You can now upload logos into customer brand profiles. The logo will be added to packing slips, shipment labels, and dropship job labels. We know this is long overdue, and it’s finally here.

QuickBooks Invoice Due Date Configuration

yoprint invoice syncing full amount due date

We’ve added a new QuickBooks syncing configuration option for the Invoice due Date Field. You can now change it from YoPrint’s Production Due Date to the Full Amount Due Date (i.e., the payment due date).

Honorable mentions!

  • Invoice PDFs have been separated into “All Invoices,” “All Invoices (Compact),” “Sales Order as Invoice,” and “Sales Order as Invoice (Compact).” 
  • YoPrint now warns you if you try connecting a root domain (e.g. your main email like as the email-sending domain in YoPrint. It’s best to use a subdomain (e.g. to avoid accidentally disconnecting your main email.
  • We now display a timestamp of when the mockups were uploaded
  • We’ve added the customer PO # to Sales Order List Page
  • We’ve added a “totals” row to Job Details Dialog
  • We’ve added the “Edit Attached Services” option to the Mockup Table Header
  • We’ve increased the limit of check vendor stock items from 100 unique items to 1000.
  • We fixed a bug where the Vendor name wasn’t displayed correctly on the Vendor List Page

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