QuickBooks Refinements

QuickBooks Refinements

One of the most requested features in YoPrint is our QuickBooks integration, one that we had since day one. When it comes to accounting and paying taxes, QuickBooks is an indispensable tool, which is my we spared no effort in making sure our QuickBooks sync is reliable and accurate. Seeing how vital QuickBooks is to your business, we decided to add the following refinements.

Introducing QuickBooks Configuration Checks

Some users were having difficulties in setting up QuickBooks integration. To address this, we have added QuickBooks account configuration checks to let you know precisely why your QuickBooks integration is failing to activate. When a check fails, we provide inline help to let you know how to resolve the issue. Once rectified, click Refresh Account to rerun the checks.

QuickBooks Configuration Checks
QuickBooks Configuration Checks with inline help

Introducing QuickBooks Error Logs

We have always emailed you when your QuickBooks integration is not working to give you a chance to fix it. To improve this process further, we are adding a QuickBooks Error Log. Just click View Logs to learn more about the error as well as the recommended actions to fix it. Your QuickBooks account would start running again in no time.


QuickBooks Error Log example

Introducing Ad-Hoc QuickBooks Syncing

As of now, we have always automatically sync any new Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to QuickBooks automatically. We also sync to QuickBooks everything a Sales Order or Purchase Order was updated. Now you also have the option to manually sync any Sales Order or Purchase Order to QuickBooks yourself. This is especially useful if QuickBooks integration was added after a Sales Order or a Purchase Order was created.

QuickBooks Ad Hoc Sync
QuickBooks Ad Hoc Sync

Changing Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Quote Starting Numbers

If you are moving from an existing system into YoPrint, you may want to change the starting numbers so that you can continue where you left off. It is doubly important if you are using QuickBooks as you need to make sure the Sales Orders and Purchase Order numbers are unique and not overwriting the previous ones. We now provide you with configurations to change this. You can configure it by going to Configuration > Settings > General to make this change.

2019 12 09 14 39 24
Generated Number Sequence Settings

We are excited to release these changes today. If you haven’t configured your QuickBooks integration yet, you can head over to Configuration > Setting > Apps to get started. Give it a shot!

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