New Year New Customer Portal 2.1

New Year, New Customer Portal

Last year, we released a barrage of new features that elevated your experience of managing your store to a new level. This year we plan to kick it up a notch with a new project, aptly named YoPrint 2.0. We are thrilled to announce, the first installment of YoPrint 2.0 is here: Mobile-Ready Customer Portal!

Why a mobile-friendly customer portal?

With the advent of 5G, not only a phone becomes a convenient way for your customers to manage orders, it also becomes the preferred way to manage orders. As such, it’s paramount that your customer is able to pull up their order, approve, message, and pay all from their phone.

New Dashboard

We started our mobile-first design with our customer portal dashboard first. Our new design not only looks great on a mobile phone but adapts beautifully to tablet as well as desktop/laptop view.

Customer Portal Dashboard Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly Customer Portal Dashboard

New Order Detail Page

One of the most challenging parts of making a mobile-first design for our customer portal is showing all the information in an easy-to-digest format. After many many iterations, we believe we have finally nailed it!

Customer Portal Order Details Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly Customer Portal Order Details Page

New Artwork and Order Approval Workflow

We took this opportunity to redesign the artwork approval not only to be mobile-friendly but also to be more intuitive. We’ve received many suggestions and improvements from our users and consolidated them into this new workflow.

Making Payments

Last but not least, we’ve also extended our mobile-friendly experience to collecting payments as well.

Customer Portal Payment Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly Customer Portal Payment Dialog

We believe this will add tremendous value to you and your customers. Stay tuned for the next installment of YoPrint 2.0!

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