Customer Portal: A Brand New Experience

We have excellent news! We’ve incorporated all your feedback and completely redesigned the customer portal from the ground up. We put a great emphasis on user experience and incorporating a new, modern look that makes your customer feel that they’re using a premium service. It’s both easier to use and easier on the eyes. Oh, and it now has a dark mode🤩

It’s been months in the making, and we’re sure your customers will love it. Without further ado, let’s explore the new customer portal experience.

Redesigned Dashboard

Redesigned dashboard customer portal

The new dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and has everything your customers need. No more excessive scrolling as Quotes and Sales Orders are separated into tabs. We’ve also made sure to only put the most relevant information, like approvals that require attention and payment amounts due.

New Functionalities

Aside from a new design, we’ve got some brand-new functionalities that’ll help your customer navigate the portal with ease.

Smart Search


We know you’ve been asking for this for some time now, and it’s finally here! Instead of scrolling and scrolling, customers can rely on a search bar to search for quotes, sales orders, invoices, and shipments. They can even search by their PO Number.

Focused Lists with Filters


Your customers can now apply filters to quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices. This means they can filter invoices by payment status to pay all outstanding invoices. It’s a win-win for both your and your customers.

Notifications When the Portal Updates


Now, your customer always knows when they’re using the latest and greatest version of YoPrint. We show a pink bar on top every time we deploy new features or bug fixes to the customer portal. All your customers need to do is simply click the bar and they will be on the latest version.

Upgraded Mobile Experience


We’ve redesigned the mobile experience so that the customer portal feels just like a native app! It’s touch-optimized and looks great on screens of all sizes – tablets included.

Improved Artwork Approval Workflow


The new workflow has a clearer language and layout that prevents customers from mistakenly approving an order when they want to request changes. It also lets customers see the artwork they have reviewed so far.

Redesigned Payment Dialog


The payment dialog is now much more detailed, letting your customer see the pricing breakdown, totals, and amount paid so far.

Dark Mode


The newly redesigned portal is now available in dark mode for an easy viewing experience. Even if you’ve got multiple tabs of the portal open, switching just one to dark mode automatically switches them all without refreshing the page.

We’ve also added tonnes of refinements to the overall experience. Please give it a try and let us know what you think! You can check out this support article if you’d like to know more about using the new and improved customer portal. Also, we will be in Printing United Vegas next week. Come say hi!

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