Task Calendar, Gantt & More

Today we bring you 4 major feature releases. We have been working on these features for months, and we are happy we can finally release them today!

New Task Calendar

The calendar was our number 1 requested feature, and you can start using them starting today! You can now view all of your tasks as a calendar instead of a list. We’ve color-coded each task their status color for easy identification. Drag and drop to schedule your tasks. Double click the task to bring up the job dialog. Once completed, change the status and close the dialog. We believe you will enjoy our new calendar view for your tasks.

YoPrint Calendar

Redesigned Gantt Chart

Need a more powerful scheduling tool? Try our redesigned Production Gantt chart. Our redesigned Gantt is snappier and more performant than before. Our new color scheme makes it easier than before to identify all the different tasks, jobs, and orders and know exactly where they are in the pipeline. We’ve annotated every order, job, and task with status, in hands, and ship by dates, so you will have everything you need to schedule them.

YoPrint Gantt v2.0

Real-Time Data

We understand how crucial production scheduling is to the success of your business. Therefore, we’ve made both our calendar and Gantt chart to be realtime. As long as you have the page open, we will continuously update the page with the latest data.

New Approval List Page

We’ve added a new page to view all of your approvals in one central location. To further enhance the experience, we’ve added the ability to create custom filters. We believe this is going to make the artwork and the order approval process even better.

YoPrint Approval List Page

New Message List Page

We’ve also added a new page to view all of your customer communication in one location. Our message list page also comes with the ability to create custom filters. We believe this is going to make it easy to stay on top of your customer communication.

YoPrint Message List Page

This marks yet another major milestone in our journey to YoPrint 2.0. We are actively working on exciting new changes we can’t wait to roll out. In the meantime, try these features and let us know what you think!

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