A ShopVOX Alternative Built With Your Business’ Needs At The Forefront: YoPrint

Looking for a ShopVOX alternative designed with your shop’s needs in mind, is constantly updated with new features, and is backed by kickass customer support? Look no further than YoPrint. Try us out for free for 15 days.


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ShopVOX vs YoPrint Pricing

Save more and get more with YoPrint. Savings start from $600 a year and increase exponentially as you grow your shop. If you need five users, you’ll save $1,992 and upward a year with YoPrint.

ShopVOX Pro YoPrint Pro
With $199/mo
With $149/mo
Pricing Engine
Online Proofing
Accounting Integration
Payment Processing
Vendor Catalog Integration
Real-Time Vendor Pricing and Stock SanMar Only. Other catalogs are updated weekly. SanMar US and Canada, S&S Activewear US and Canada, Alphabroder US and Canada, Delta Apparel.
Custom Workflow Status
Purchase Orders
Inventory Management
Auto Sales Tax Additional subscriptions to QBO or Avalara AvaTax are required.
Customer Portal
Needs to be individually enabled for each customer.
Also available in $69 Basic plan
File Storage 25GB only
Extra storage at $1/GB/mo
Unlimited Storage
Barcode Tracking Limited to Job PDFs only. Unlimited Storage
Onboarding $499 - $2,999 Free
QuickBooks Sync
Trial only available for $99 Express plan. Credit card is required.
Try everything. No credit card required

Grow Faster With YoPrint

Experience firsthand how YoPrint can grow your shop with the tools you need to get organized, grow sales, track inventory, and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Done Right With The Customer Portal

Empower your customers with time-saving tools to check all past and active orders, make payments, and communicate with you.

YoPrint Premium Customer Portal 2

Live Package Tracking

Say goodbye to the chaos of constant emails and phone calls! Our customer portal provides live package tracking. Keep your customers informed every step of the way.

No More Chaotic Inboxes

With the customer portal, every message is neatly sorted by order. No more searching through a jumble of messages - for you or your customer.

Approvals In An Instant

Customers can green-light orders in just a few clicks. Our granular artwork approval system also allows customers to comment and approve each mockup in orders.

Production Tools You’ll Love

Speed up production, know who’s working on what, and never miss a deadline. 

YoPrint Production Management At Any Scale

Barcodes on Everything

Every PDF - Yes, absolutely every PDF - in YoPrint comes with automatically generated QR codes. That includes job sheets, quotes, invoices, purchase orders, etc Everyone in your shop will know what’s going on with a quick scan.

Filters and Departmental Views

Get through orders quickly. Create filters so you only see what you need to see. Filter by department, assignees, task status, order status, payment status, and so much more.

100% Customizable Custom Workflows

Have a set workflow in place? No matter how you like to get orders through your shop, YoPrint caters to that. Create your own tasks, statuses, and presets. Workflows at every stage are 100% customizable.

Speed Through Sales Orders

YoPrint streamlines the entire order process, from quoting to payments, and everything in between.

YoPrint Sales Order Detail Page

Multiple Shipments In One Order

Got packages going to different places? No worries! With YoPrint, you can juggle multiple deliveries like a pro. YoPrint has got your back with support for multiple shipments in one order.

Superior Catalog Integration

YoPrint has real-time pricing and stock information for multiple vendors across the USA and Canada. See only the available sizes and colors for each vendor product and take the guesswork out of quoting.

Taxes Calculated Automatically

Imagine subscribing to dedicated tax software and then integrating it into your shop management software. Now that would be a taxing process. YoPrint automatically calculates sales tax - no additional cost or integration is required.

Linking Inventory and Purchase Orders

An inventory module that is linked to your purchase orders and sales orders.

YoPrint Purchasing Inventory Together at Last 3

Quick Purchase Order Creation

Get your blanks’ pricing from our integrated vendor catalogs and use that to create purchase orders that you can email to vendors without leaving YoPrint.

Track Every Product

Track the incoming stock, what’s on hand, and what you need to reorder - all based on purchase orders and sales orders you created. YoPrint calculates everything and keeps track of all your inventory for you.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Have inventory spread across multiple locations? With YoPrint, you'll never lose track of your blanks again. Stay on top of every warehouse and even keep a record of transfers between them.

250+ Happy Users

Queen City
“We’re that fast because of YoPrint. Nobody in this town uses YoPrint but me. And they have no clue as to why I’m stealing their business left and right.”
Jeremy Boyts
Queen City Graphix
Inked Up Graphics Logo
“It’s an all-in-one system. If we’re presenting ourselves more professionally than the shop down the road, just the way that we’re even interacting with our clients, then it gives us a little bit of a competitive edge”
Eric Jimenez
Inked Up Graphics
Screent Graphics Inc
“The software has made our shop so much more efficient. I did trials on 3 different softwares and looked at many more online. YoPrint gives us the biggest bang for our buck.”
Taylor Brown
Screen Graphics Inc. In Idaho Falls, ID

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