YoPrint May Updates

New month new features! We have an exciting round of feature announcements to make this time around. Psst, just between you and me, some of these features were rolled out a few months ago, but we didn’t quite manage to announce them. Without further ado, here are the latest features.

Redesigned Internal Comments

We listened to your feedback, and we’ve redesigned the comment system from a one-liner for a quick status update to a full-blown messaging system. You can now leave detailed and well-formatted comments to keep your entire team up to date. Sales Orders, Quotes & Purchase Orders have been updated to use this new and improved UI. We’ve also extended the commenting features on a job level as well to keep communication more organized.

yoprint internal comments

New QuickBooks Online Syncing Options

YoPrint syncs all invoices and purchase orders created in YoPrint to QuickBooks Online automatically. While this works for most shops, some prefer a more manual approach. You can now effectively turn off all automatic syncing and take complete control over the sync process. Whether you prefer to sync every week or want to be selective about which invoices get synced to QuickBooks Online, our new options will help you sync the way you want it.

quickbooks yoprint sync settings

New Saved Columns

By popular request, we are happy to announce that YoPrint will now automatically remember your column selections on a user level. Whether you show, hide, resize, re-arrange, or even pin the columns, we will automatically save and sync it across all of your devices. The column selections are saved on the filter level, allowing you to view each filter differently. Yes – this has been available for a while now 🙂

yoprint columns

List Page Improvements

The task list page is even better than before! You can now change not only the task status but also the job and sales order status directly from the list page. We’ve also added two new fields to tasks, jobs, and sales order that automatically records the date the status was updated and the date they were completed. Furthermore, you can even filter and sort by the dates as you see fit. We believe this will add another level of productivity to your workflow!

task status

Honorable Mentions!

  • You can now turn off credit card processing on a customer level. If you prefer specific customers not to pay using credit cards, you can turn it off on the customer details page. 
  • We’ve added tags support for Purchase Orders. You can now add tags to Purchase Orders and filter the purchase order based on the tags.
  • You can now export the task list page as a CSV file.
  • You can now add Customer PO Numbers to Job Labels and Packing Slips.
  • You can now change the Sales Order status from the Jobs List Page.
  • We now support Stripe Strong Customer Authentication.
  • You can now Right Click on Task List Page to access the context menu. We will be working on rolling this support to the rest of the pages soon.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where Customer Notes weren’t displayed correctly in the Customer Portal Mobile view.
  • Our Tax Reports are now automatically grouped by State, City, and Postal code for easy viewing. You can also remove the grouping if you prefer the previous version.
  • We now show a confirmation dialog if you are editing an older draft of the Sales Order. Previously, when you edited a Sales Order, we would automatically create a draft for you and keep using the draft until you publish or delete the draft. However, this sometimes leads to having a stale draft. With the new confirmation dialog, you can decide if you want to create a new draft or the existing one.
  • You can now upload high-resolution images for the Customer Portal Login Page. Previously we only accepted a fixed resolution of 600px x 1200px.
  • You can now filter Sales Orders using the “Is Rush” flag.
  • We’ve added the Customer PO Number to the Customer Portal Invoice List Page.

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