TSF Sportswear

TSF Sportswear, Pricing Override, and More

Introducing TSF Sportswear Catalog

We are now fully integrated with the TSF Sportswear catalog. You can now search for products from TSF sportswear directly from YoPrint. To enable this integration, head over to Configuration > Settings > General and toggle on Enable TSF Sportswear Catalog.

2019 12 09 16 10 39
Search for TSF Sportswear products

Introducing Pricing Override v2.0

We created the Pricing Override feature to provide businesses with the convenience of changing the price of a single line item without having to create/update existing Pricing Matrices or Pricing Groups.

Considering this feature was well received and heavily used, we have decided to revamp how it looks and allow the following functionalities.

  • You can now do partial price overrides. I.e., you can override just the Pricing Group, Product Cost, Product Total, or Service Total.
  • Multiple partial override support. If you override the Pricing Group and the Service Total, we will calculate the Product Cost and Product Total using the Pricing Group override
  • We clearly show you the final the default price (without overrides), overrides applied and the final calculated value
2019 12 09 16 27 55
Pricing Override popover

Unit Price Breakdown

Our unit prices are intelligently calculated based on the catalog/product prices, the services selected, the pricing group used, and the pricing overrides applied arriving at the final price. While this is convenient, it lacked the transparency needed for businesses to make informed decisions. To aid with this, you can now hover over the unit price to see a detailed breakdown, including the product cost, product price, product markup, product margin, and the service price.

2019 12 09 16 44 41
Unit Price breakdown

Customer Search Bar

When you have a lot of customers, it can become tedious clicking next until you find the customer you are looking. We now added the ability to search for your customers. Just type the name and hit enter to search. It’s that simple.

2019 12 09 16 46 09
Customer search bar

We have also fixed many bugs and other small refinements in this release. We hope you will find these updates helpful!

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