PDF Redesign Customization

PDF Redesign & Customization

PDF documents are an integral part of doing business. We generated a variety of PDFs, including Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Job Worksheets, Packing Slips, Shipping Labels, and many more. To further streamline the operations, we embed a barcode in all PDFs generated by YoPrint. At the same time, we have received great feedback on how to make our PDFs even better. We have some exciting changes we would like to share with you today!

PDF Redesign

In this release, we set out to improve our PDFs’ legibility. We wanted to make sure our PDFs are easy to follow, with all the key information clearly outlined. We have managed to achieve just that.

PDF Redesign
Regular PDF on the left and Redesigned PDF on the right

Compact PDFs

We have added new Compact PDFs that automatically collapses multiple sizes into a single line item to reduce the number of papers printed on large orders. The Compact PDF algorithm  takes into account different colors, sizes, and unit prices to generate the optimal PDF.yo

Compact PDFs 1
Regular PDF on the left and Compact PDF on the right

PDF Customization

Every business is different, and so we have now added customization options to our PDFs. You can decide on what content to display in your PDFs. You can access these options under Configurations > Settings > General under the PDF Configuration subsection.

2019 12 08 23 18 38
PDF Customization Settings

These changes are available to you starting today!

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