Customer Brand Profiles

Introducing Customer Brand Profiles

Contract printers are no strangers to the process of blind shipping or dropshipping. In dropshipping, a consumer is not aware of the fact that a vendor fulfilled the order instead of the seller they are purchasing the goods.

A typical dropshipping scenario goes like this. Your customer, let’s call them Crimson Florist, has a business that sells Crimson Florist merchandise. A consumer, let’s call him Jason, places an order with Crimson Florist for 10 t-shirts. Crimson Florist then places a purchase order with you for 10 t-shirts but to be shipped to Jason. You print the t-shirts, generate a packing slip with the name Crimson Florist and their business address, and send it to Jason.

We have created the Customer Brand Profiles feature to support this workflow.

Setting Up Brand Profiles

Setting up Brand Profiles couldn’t be simpler. Find the customer you would like to add a profile. Click the Brand Profiles tab and click + Brand Profiles button. Fill in the brand Brand Name, Website, Phone Number, Email, as well as the address to use for shipped from or warehouse.

Once set up, you can optionally mark the Brand Profile as Primary. Doing so will make sure that any new Sales Orders / Quotes created for the customer will automatically use their brand profiles instead. Note that we also support multiple Brand Profiles, so don’t worry if your customer operates under two business names.

2019 12 09 21 12 49
Customer Brand Profiles Tab

Using Brand Profiles in Sales Order / Quote

You can change the Brand Profile for the current Sales Order / Quote at any time. Just click the edit button right next to Brand Profile to switch between different profiles or to remove an active profile.

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Changing Brand Profiles in a Quote

Once a profile is selected, you will now be able to download and print the Dropshipping Packing Slips and Dropshipping Shipment Labels.s

Brand Profiles PDF 2
Dropshipping Packing Slip and Label

Bulk Dropshipping

Usually, it makes more sense for Crimson Florist to batch their orders and send it to you in a single purchase order. Our multiple shipments feature, coupled with Brand Profiles, makes managing batch order trivial.

For example, Crimson Florist receives 10 orders totaling 100 t-shirts. Acme sends the Purchase Order to you. You create a single Sales Order for 100 t-shirts offering a discount to Crimson Florist. Once the t-shirts have been printed, you can ship it out to 10 locations. You receive the final payment from Crimson Florist for your service.

2019 12 09 21 28 50
Multiple Shipment on the right side

Customer Portal

Crimson Florist can track the entire Sales Order progress in their dedicated Customer Portal and pay any outstanding invoices. They can even get details status on package tracking via our UPS / FedEx integration.

2019 12 09 21 33 00
Sales Order details in Customer Portal

We believe you and your customer are going to love this new feature. Give it a try!

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